Saturday, March 22, 2008


I didn't get to bed yesterday morning as planned. Was in my nightgown and thinking about heading to bed when the fire alarm went off! No smell of smoke in the hallway--so I quick threw on some clothes--got Karma in her carrier--trudged down the steps with a complaining cat--realized I had forgotten my keys--checked outside the building door--no smoke--left Karma whining by the exit door--ran back up the stairs to grab my keys--back down the three flights of stairs--hauled Karma over to the office. We waited there for about 20-30 minutes while the fire department came to check it out. Faulty system--as usual. All clear. This has happened approximately once a year.
Karma weighs about 17-18 pounds. She likes to hide in the back of the carrier, which tips it awkwardly and twists my wrist. By the time I got her home again, I thought my arm was going to fall off. (I can't switch arms, either, because of my bad arm.)
I decided that this was the last time I was carrying her down the stairs and over to the office. I decided right then and there that she was getting her cat stroller--ASAP. I spent the afternoon working on it. I was figuring which one to buy (I had saved a dozen websites when I was online comparison shopping a while back)--and then when I could buy one. I decided that Karma was more important to me than the mixer. So, I ordered a kitty stroller for her!

Will be much easier to get her down the stairs in the stroller. (The elevators are closed when the fire alarm goes off.) Much easier on the both of us. :) And I can take her for walks this spring. Also good for the both of us--hehe! Especially me.
Will she like the stroller? I hope so. She actually slept most of the afternoon and evening in her dusty old carrier--just because it was out in a new spot, of course, and not in the closet. See how she hugs the back of it?
So, she's not afraid of the carrier, by any means. And once we got away from the terribly loud alarm that hurts your ears--she settled down and was quiet. She seemed to enjoy watching all the mothers and children who showed up over at the office lounge to wait out the alarm and watch the fire trucks (apparently still endlessly fascinating to children). And Karma LOVES the porch--her "outdoors"--so--she might love going on walks in her stroller? We'll see, won't we?

But then--she needs to have a collar and tag (she is going to hate that!) just in case something would happen and she'd ever get away, you know? So I ordered a collar, tag, harness and leash, and also a new and better pooper scooper as long as I was ordering--hehe! So--we're all set.

I still owe Leah some money--and she said I could pay her back in May. So--who knows? I might still be able to order the mixer, too, in April if I cut back on some other things. If not--I can probably get the mixer in May. At least I don't have to worry about the terrible struggle of getting Miss Karma out of the building. What if it was a real fire one day? I wouldn't have all the time I had yesterday.

And I was really glad I finally have apartment insurance. :)

Our couple of inches of snow--turned out to be quite a few. (I didn't watch the news--was in bed by 8pm. TaDa! Slept at night again! All the excitement woke me up, I guess--kept me awake all day.) Maybe 5-6 inches? I'm guessing. Really heavy wet snow and it is melting pretty quickly.

I hope your day was calmer than mine--chuckle!


Jenifleur-de-lis said...

That cat stroller is awesome!! I bet Karma will love it! It will be like a portable/moveable porch for her :) Also a good idea for when those darn fire alarms go off! I winced when I read about you hauling her down the stairs with your bad arm!! :(

Rita said...

They biggest question will be the "moving" part--hehe! She cries in a car and part of the time I am carrying her around--so we'll see if she settles down being pushes about--chuckle! If nothing else--it will make the exit for the fire alarm much easier. :)