Friday, March 28, 2008


Look what came yesterday!! Karma watched me put it together. I got an old towel to wrap around the little pad they give you for the bottom--and rolled it over by the porch door to see what she'd do.

I decided to see what she'd do if I rolled her around the apartment with the front open like that. She didn't make a sound and she didn't jump out. She just sat up, appeared baffled, and jumped out as soon as I got her back to where we started and the stroller quit moving.
I have been moving it about the apartment--parking it in different spots--so she will be very used to it.
But where did she crawl into and sleep for over an hour last night...

...the box it came in--hehe!
Here's the latex mold Leah made of the dragonfly paper cast.

Looks like it will work?
And here are all the finished and pressed papers--so far. Ariel's, Leah's, and mine. If we want them even flatter than book pressed, we can iron them with spray starch. I only plan to show the finished papers from now on. (If anyone is interested--I showed the entire process in step-by-step detail back in July 2007 on the blog.)

Finally--here's a picture of the paper castings that Leah made.

The dragonflies are made from Leah's polymer clay mold of the original dragonfly cast -- she made three new moulds with plaster of Paris. (Well, she had made four, but the thin one broke when she pressed on it to get the water out of the paper.) The paper castings all turned out just fine! We think the latex mold will work much better. I am going to start making a mold of the snowflake. Ten layers--and let it dry inbetween layers--sounds slow enough for me--hehe!
It is 36 degrees and the sun went behind the grey blanket of clouds. The snow we recently received continues to melt. Karma is spending longer periods of time on the porch before she gets cold and cries to come in. I can occasionally leave the door propped open for her to go in and out on a sunny morning when it is close to 40 degrees and not too windy. (There's almost always at least a breeze up here in Fargo. The air rarely stops moving. I like that, actually. Didn't take me long to get used to it at all.) Spring is coming! You can smell it! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Rita! It is Kaine from Sparkpeople (Chatty Crafters) I got banned because Kylie is a witch but anyways I keep up with your blogs everyday! It is insiring me to quit being lazy and get back to my artwork. I love hearing about Karma too. She is so cute in her new stroller, I bet she will love it when you can take her for walks outside! Anyways if you would like to keep in touch I can give you my email, just let me know! Keep up the awesome crafting!

Rita said...

Kaine! So good to hear from you! I quit the Chatty Crafters group because it became exhausting. But I miss the ladies a lot--the ones we used to all chat with. :(

I will email you--for sure!