Friday, June 13, 2008


Both my orders came yesterday--very late for UPS--6:45pm. Somebody must have been on vacation--as they're usually here between 2-3pm. The lady driver seemed exhausted--poor thing!
Anyways, from Hollanders I got my smaller screw posts and extenders.

They look like this. I have a plan to try to use them to just finish the holes in the red leather journals--since I couldn't find eyelets long enough. I hope it will work. :)
And the mixer came from Bed, Bath and Beyond! TaDa!!!

I thought it was supposed to have the silver, metal attachments and not the coated, but I guess that's okay.

I don't have a large kitchen, so I have to decide where will be the best place for the appliances. Might have to juggle them around some. Too tired to do much else yesterday. Hadn't slept much for four days.

"Caviar" is not matt black. It is a metallic black. Not what I expected, but it is fine for me. I like it better than the plain shiny black. Kind of space-agey--hehe! This won't show the fingerprints as easily.

New booklet to read.

New boxes for Miss Karma to investigate. She makes no sense to me, at all. She let me pull her across the floor--inside this box--from the kitchen into the living room and didn't make a sound and wasn't scared at all. She lets me push her around in the stroller inside the apartment--a little more nervously now that I took her outside that time--but take her out into the hallway and she cries and howls!? What is the big difference? She is just afraid to leave the apartment--period. It can't be just the movement.
I let her have boxes for a while. Until she's bored with them after a couple of days--or I am feeling well enough to move them out of the apartment--whichever comes first, this time--hehe!

She has another one. The mixer box was packed inside of this bigger box.

I have to call Leah and ask her if the bowl is supposed to be tilted on the mixer? I have never owned or used a stand mixer before in my life--so this is all new to me. :) Leah grew up using a KitchenAid stand mixer.
Dagan and Leah have been looking for a place to rent and meeting with lawyers. They are going to visit his dad this weekend. Me--sore as hell, but I think I am finally on the mend. Nose plugged up enough for me to sleep last night and I crashed for 14 hours! Only up 4-5 times. I have a couple of new Netflix movies to watch today. I am all set and thinking positive! :)

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