Monday, June 02, 2008


My first love, Alan, sent me an email yesterday telling me about the 40th class reunion. Fridley High even has a website now. Alan uploaded an old photo he found of us from November of 1967--senior year--complete with ratted hair and cat glasses & his horn-rimmed glasses. I was 16 and Alan was 18--an older man! (Alan has been happily married for years, by the way.) He sent me a copy. So funny! I hated having my picture taken even then.
So, we have a 40th reunion coming up on September 27, 2008 at 6pm at the Fridley Legion on Old Central. I won't be going, but I will sign up on the website. For those of you reading who went to school with me--check here:
Have more pictures of the house, but this time I am going to add the link so you can see them all with Leah's comments.
Scroll down to the bottom for the new pictures. :)
Yesterday it was so hot! I saw 84 degrees at one time. Didn't watch the news to see if it got any higher than that. But today--back to cooler again. It is only 55 degrees right now--cloudy and raining off and on.
When it was good and hot out yesterday, Miss Karma was loving every minute of it. She spent the day lounging on the porch, soaking in the heat! (She uses the strangest hard objects for pillows.)

It was warmer on the porch than in the apartment, even tho I didn't turn on the AC. Karma didn't want to leave the porch until it cooled off in the evening.

She and I totally disagree about what constitutes a lovely temperature-hehe!


Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Oh my gosh!! What a cute picture! You are so cute in it! I love the hair and your glasses! He's pretty cute too! :)

Rita said...

The funny thing is he was a real "bad boy"--with his long hair (no lie!--his hair was considered long in the days when the butch haircut or crewcut was going out because of the Beatles--hehe!) and he was in with the wild boys! (I was never scared of him--hehe! He did break my heart, tho.) Just looks kind of nerdy by today's standards, eh? :) He did end up in the computer arena!