Wednesday, June 04, 2008


As I have mentioned, it has been raining around here for the last couple days. I went to crack the bedroom window open for some fresh air yesterday afternoon and water was sitting on the closed sill? I didn't see it because I had the folding table in front of the window loaded up with the papermaking supplies, but I had cracked the window open the day before and there was no water--so it just started yesterday. Was dripping--from the window frame!

Here's a drip--right from the woodwork. Not good! As you can see, the bedroom window is on the back inside on the porch which has a ceiling--so this has to be coming from the roof.

I called the office, wiped up all the water, put all the paper making supplies back in the closet again, and found a small little plastic pail to catch the water. No one has come to look at it yet.

They used to be much faster at answering calls the first couple years I was here. We have some new maintenance men, that's true--but I also think that the longer these buildings are here the more they have to do. And they are not old buildings. They told me they were only a couple of years old when I moved in 3 years ago--so 5-6 years old. Last year there was a roof leak right above the elevator. They had all that trouble with leaking living room windows, remember? (Not mine, tho.) And the construction company had to come back and they bolted in the tops of all the windows so we can't move them any more. Not made very well, I guess, eh? They seem to make disposable buildings these days. Trouble is--some of us have to live in them.
Anyways, after getting that picture from Alan, I got to thinking about the cat glasses. Believe it or not--I still have them! The plastic has gotten so brittle that they have been crumbling--but here they are! Along with another pair of glasses I wore for many. many years after the cat glasses--my Dad's pair of Navy issue wire rims from the 40s! I had them remade with my prescription--loved them! They were like John Lennon's--hehe!
They couldn't fall off because of the way they curled around your ear. I had the lens replaced a couple of times as my eyes got worse. Remember these, Dad?

Meanwhile--the cat glasses have been popping apart and crumbling. I guess plastic doesn't last as well as wire does.

I remembered these as being lighter, but I think I figured it out (unless I had two pairs?). Back in the day, when I had my senior picture done--they were hand-painted black and white pictures. He made my eyes bluer, my glasses lighter, my lips redder, and my cheeks flushed. Shows you how ancient I am, right? Hand-painted photographs!

Anyways--I still have the cat glasses. Why? I am not sure why. Why would I still be saving an old pair of cat glasses that are crumbling away with old age? Probably because they make me laugh. I always crack up when I see these old glasses! They are so funny to me--symbols of an era! Small pieces of a life--that will inevitably end up in the trash one of these days--hehe! I also have saved those jumbo glasses from the late 70s and 80s--hehe! Silly me! In this new century, I am back to my favorite--wire rims!! :)

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