Monday, June 09, 2008


Felt kind of punkish and draggy all weekend. Last night my nose started to run and my throat has been getting sore to swallow. Got myself a good cold going--so not sure how chatty I will feel until I am over it. Just giving you a heads up. :)


Kathie said...

Discovered your blog today and enjoyed reading through your posts. Hope you are feeling better very soon. I like all the crafts and I love your cat. I don´t have a cat at the moment. Bubba won´t like that very much. Bubba=very large, but gentle Rottweiler. He seems to like anything and everything except cats. I will visit again soon.
Blessings from Costa Rica,

Rita said...

Welcome Kathie! Come back any time! I bookmarked your blog--you do wonderful work with ladies who really need the support. Thank you.

I believe when we can ease someone else's pain and fear--there is a ripple effect of love. Keep rippling away down in Costa Rica! :)