Monday, June 16, 2008


One advantage to not sleeping well and cat-napping around the clock--I got to watch beautiful sunny sunrises the past two days. Karma and I have been taking advantage of the nice porch weather. :)

The heat of the sun works like a sleeping pill for Miss Karma--hehe!

But--you know cats! They sleep with one ear open--hehe!

The sun didn't last more than a few hours yesterday in the early morning. It clouded over and stayed that way most of the day.
Whenever I vacate the padded chair, Karma immediately stakes claim--it's her favorite, too. :)

Been just trying to sleep as much as I can and get well again.
Writing letters.
Watched "Juno" and more of "Ballykissangel".
Fibro has taught me patience. :)


Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Hi Rita -- Glad to hear that you are trying to rest. Been thinking about you! Also glad to hear that Leah and Dagan have found a new place! :) Get better soon!

Rita said...

On the mend! Yes--glad Dagan and Leah will get settled into a new place that they like. What a relief! :)