Thursday, June 26, 2008


Pictures of Dagan and Leah's new townhouse! I could only fit 17 pictures on my camera and it was full. Leah took some more, so I can show more when I get those--but this is what I got. That's Dagan and Leah's car in the driveway.
Their door is the one to the right of the car. The double garage is completely finished off inside.
This is the entryway and closet. [Note: What you can't see--to my immediate left is the door to the garage and behind me is the front door.] You go straight ahead and to the left are some stairs up to the living room and kitchen--and the stairs down to the lower level.
Here's the living room--has a fireplace! Leah was taking pictures at the same time--hehe!
Big windows and a nice size deck off the sliding glass doors. There's Dagan giving a thumb's up! Gorgeous view!!!
It is beautiful and amazingly peaceful outside--considering they are still pretty close to the freeway. Can't hear the traffic as well because of all the trees. This is the direct view off the deck.
This is the view to the right--the Sheyenne River is back in the trees there, so they won't ever have neighbors back here!
This is to the left--still sodding. It is just beautiful back there! They will definitely use this deck! Hopefuly they'll have nice neighbors.
This shot is from inside the sliding glass doors. Nice large kitchen.
Here you can see the stairs from the entryway to the left and the stairs to the top level in the center.
Upstairs there is a bedroom to the right.
And the master bedroom to the left.
The master bedroom has a walk-in closet.
And here's the bathroom.
We walked downstairs--and all I got was the laundry room with the furnace and waterheater. Ran out of room on the camera.
But there is another bedroom with a bathroom and a den-like room, too, on the lower level. They picked up their mail key last night--already getting their mail sent there. (Had a Netflix movie--hehe!) They might be able to move in on Friday!
When we were inside, it looks pretty much done--mostly clean up left to do. All the carpeting is laid now. They need to stain the deck yet. But the staining has to wait until it has been dry long enough for the wood to be dry and then that it will stay dry long enough for the stain to dry. Been so rainy this spring--as everybody well knows who has had to deal with the flooding, etc. We have been lucky!
I couldn't get over all the trees in this new neighborhood! They must have left as many trees as they could and paid to buy larger trees to plant, too. Has a very homey, residential feel to the development. They will be very happy there, I think.
We went on to quickly shop a couple of places (one I can't tell you because it is related to the secret projects I am working on right now--hehe!). But the other one was PetSmart--for Miss Karma. Can't remember if I told you about Karma and her treats? Well, maybe tomorrow, okay? :)
Then Dagan and Leah treated me to Red Lobster! [I had our popcorn shrimp, Mary Lou!! Haven't been to a Red Lobster since I was there with you in Minneapolis many years ago, now. They are still delicious little things!] I have another meal still in the frig for today--with rice pilaf and broccoli--yummy!
Then we came back here. Dagan ordered me a disc from Dell for my laptop. One didn't come with it for reprogramming it, I guess. They went back to the little house for sale they are staying in. Hopefuly they just might be moving this weekend! It would be perfect timing. Leah is not on duty for the second job this weekend. I am saying a prayer that they can move in. :)
I was in bed by 9pm. :) Those of you who know me well must be getting a kick out of me being on this schedule--hehe! Anyways, after all the walking and stair climbing--will be taking it easy today. Thank goodness for these new pain pills! I could take one before I left yesterday--and do all that walking and not be limping and in pain--until today--chuckle!! They are very good for when I am out and about. Wonderful, in fact. Take the edge off. I will have to tell my doctor that when I see him next month. I'm on an R&R day--hope you are having a good day, too.

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