Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Well, it turns out I am not going shopping with Leah tonight. Her youngest sister, Ariel, is available today to work on tiling with her. :) So, we are going on Thursday.
It is raining and chilly--and supposed to stay like this for days. (51 degrees at the moment.) Caroline is coming to clean and just came early--so I'll have to finish this later....
Okay--it is 2:15pm. Still raining. I have CashWise coming this afternoon between 4-6pm with groceries for the month. :)
Anyways, got my order from Volcano Arts yesterday. This cradle is made of Davey board and is for setting folded signatures and template in--and can punch the holes. Supposed to help them be right at the crease in the fold. We'll see how it works.

Here's all the hardware I bought. Lots of fun tiny things to experiment with--but--I don't think the extra long eyelets are quite long enough to use on that thick leather.

I even tried looking online and couldn't find any longer grommets or eyelets--not so far, anyways. These leather scraps are super thick!

I hate to just have raw holes, but I might have to make them that way if I can't find anything else I can use to finish the holes. I'll keep looking online some more. And I might try to see if one of these will work on an uneven piece of scrap leather. Just doesn't look like there's enough room to attach them--they're almost exactly the width of the leather. Got to give it a try, tho--just to know for sure, of course. I'll let you know. :)

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