Thursday, June 19, 2008


Best laid plans--hehe! First of all, my body wasn't cooperating with what my mind wanted to do last night. And then it turned out Dagan and Leah tried to bring their friends over to see the new place before they came over here and couldn't get in to see it anyways. The lady from the office wasn't there and they don't have a key yet, of course. My shopping was small and could wait, so we'll try again next week.

Dagan and Leah came over and we had a wonderful evening, tho. :) Leah was baking away. Dagan didn't have the right software to fix the laptop and will try again next week. (Was just a night where things were postponed in general--chuckle!) Leah drove Dagan home around midnight. She just left about half an hour ago--with bags of bread and ice cream pails full of cookies!

Was a good night! You can tell we are all relieved they will be out from under that house--come hell or high water, as they say. I don't think any of us realized what a weight this has been. :):)

The sun is coming up. Supposed to rain later. I'll be going to bed here pretty soon. Poor Leah is going to be tired working today. She was getting a lot done on her laptop during the night, tho. Getting a leg up. :) Was so nice just hanging out together last night--all of us. Laughing often again. The birds are singing. Life is good!

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