Saturday, June 28, 2008


Good Morning!
My goodness! Lots of excitement yesterday! Since Dagan and Leah have two older cars and no car payments--and if they file bankruptcy their payment will be based on their expenses--and since they will probably be paying for five years on a bankruptcy and will certainly need a car before five years--and since they have been talking about getting another car anyways, because the Paseo won't last forever--they got another car! They need good transportation up here, since the bus system isn't the best (I can attest to that!! Majority of the buses don't even run past 6pm!)
Dagan called about 8:15pm last night--won't tell me anything about the car. Says I have to wait to see it. (I probably couldn't picture it if they told me, to be honest---hehe! I know so little about cars.) They would have come and showed it to me last night, but I was fading away at the time--ready to crash. [Was in bed by 9pm! Still on this "early to bed, early to rise" schedule--wonder if it will make me healthy, wealthy, and wise? No--that's "makes a man", right? hehe!] Anyways, Dagan and Leah will come over this afternoon and show it to me. Another big worry taken care of. :)
And--they told me--hold on to your seats--I can keep the Paseo here and drive the Paseo! I would have a car!! It would be good for just around town here. I could get to my doctor's appointents and such--by myself again! Wow! I am still absorbing this!
Dagan bought the little red Paseo for like $3,000.00 back around 2001 maybe? I can't remember how old it is. Still runs well. Would have been practically worthless as a trade in. Wow! I am overwhelmed!!!
Guess this means I have to finish cleaning the garage and call for a donation pick up! Dagan and Leah will help me, they said. Wow! I need to make room for a car!!! :)


Kathie said...

How wonder about the car.
Blessings from Costa Rica

Rita said...

Thank you so much, Kathie! :)
Blessings back from Fargo!