Saturday, June 14, 2008


I called Leah yesterday. The bowl--you have to press on the back of it to click it into place, I guess. Duh! I've been feeling too crummy to read the instructions yet--hehe! Leah said she'd like to come over and do some baking--and then she could show me how to use everything--maybe this coming week. She has been without a kitchen, basically, for a month and a half--and she was used to doing a lot of baking! So--she will be over to bake banana bread and cookies--and whatever she wants. :) I told her I am not going to be in any shape to play with my new toy, anyways, for several days.

She told me they were looking at another condo last night and then were heading to Dagan's dad's for a kind of delayed Memorial Weekend gathering this weekend.

I got an email today--they took this place they looked at in West Fargo last night! Brand new! Similar floor plan to the townhome/condo I saw in Fargo, but instead of looking out at a man-made pond it looks out onto a forest and the Sheyenne River (narrow part)!! It is still close to Interstate 94 but, because of the trees, it isn't as noisy. They were just laying the carpeting!! Has more square footage, too--even larger! I am so happy for them!

We kept trusting that they'd know it when they saw it--to trust their gut feelings and find a place they would look forward to living in--and they have! They are all excited about this place--even if it is in West Fargo (separate town to the west of Fargo--like a suburb). They will be able to move in July 1st or earlier if it is finished ahead of schedule. Hurray!! I can hardy wait to see it! Sounds like such a better atmosphere--being by the woods--the river... I am soooo happy for them! :):):) Oh--and they got all Leah's tools (that they bought separately with their own money) out of the house on Tuesday.
They'll be okay--everything will work out in the long run. Things are falling into place.
Anyways, I realized that I have been using my new pens for some time and forgot to take a picture--hehe! Not that it is important, but I love my Cavaliers! My new favorite pen!! I am using one now as my constant desk companion here by the computer. I also purchased a disposable brush pen from it is a nice one.

Been playing around trying to learn to write my name in Chinese with my brush pens. They really seem to help me with consistency. I suppose they would have to, wouldn't they?

When I feel well again I will be back to my secret projects--hehe! I have turned the corner, so to speak. Am on the mend now. :)

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