Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Well, for as crummy as I felt when I got up yesterday--it all seemed to subside to a very tolerable level within about five hours and I actually got quite a bit done yesterday on one of my secret projects--tada! (Eventually I will post a lot of pictures on the whole process--let you know what I have been up to--hehe!)
I am still going to bed really early and getting up really early--greeting the sun. :) Today I am supposed to call Dagan around 4pm and let him know how I am feeling and if I am up to a quick shopping trip and seeing their new place. Since I missed the opportunity last week, I am hoping this will be a better day for it. And if we do go over to the unfinished townhouse, I hope to have pictures to post tomorrow. :)
In the meantime--back to the secret projects today.....

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