Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My "nap" at 9:30am yesterday lasted until almost 8pm! I didn't expect to sleep that long (but was thrilled I was able to keep getting back to sleep) so I didn't cover up the chair. I was lucky it didn't rain. :) Karma discovered she could stay out on the porch in the chair and still keep an eye on me--hehe! Every time I woke up she watched me to see if I was going to go back to sleep.

I know she would have loved to be able to see the kids and all the action, but she just has to park herself someplace where she can know if I get up to go to the bathroom or blow my nose--hehe! That place is usually either right on the bed with me or in the hallway where she can see the bed. It is usually so seldom that I am sleeping during the day with the porch door open and the chair uncovered--seldom?!--come to think of it, never has happened that I can remember. Karma thought it was the bee's knees!

What woke me up, actually, was the garage dad. There's this one dad that spends his time outside with the kids sometimes in the evenings. He paces about or sits in his lawn chair inside the front of his garage--and he is a shouter. Since he is always shouting and yelling, the kids get really loud, also. They generally do not respond to his demands and instructions. But--at least he is out there. The children are supposed to be supervised while they are outside. They aren't. Except for the garage dad and the occasional dad-buddy he knows. He kind of keeps an eye and gives a voice to all the kids who are outside playing at the time. :) I am glad he is out there. Some people drive awfully fast thru the parking lot when little ones are out on trikes zooming about on the pavement. Karma was missing her Kid TV just to keep an ear open for me.

Then Leah came over at around 9pm and left around midnight. She showed me how to use my new mixer! Leah made banana bread and the first tray of chocolate chip cookies. The rest of the dough is in the frig for when she and Dagan come back on Wednesday or Thursday.

She is making up cookies and bread for this weekend gathering they go to every year. But I got the first tray of cookies. :)

I have been up since then except for a one hour nap. I brought out the trash and empty boxes this morning. Also hauled some things back down to the storage area. Got a little something done, anyways. Less cluttered around here. Right now, I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. Caroline came to clean this afternoon--and now I am going to go lie down again. I suppose I should check the weather online to see if I can leave the chair uncovered for Miss Karma--hehe!--just in case I am lucky enough to sleep a long time again.....

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