Saturday, June 07, 2008


Dagan and Leah went to talk to the people at the bank. The bank doesn't want to have to foreclose on the house and be stuck with it, of course--but even coming up with $10,000 by July 5th is an impossible task. And then how would they have money to even finish the inside of the house or repair the damages the construction company has made? With the shoddy workmanship, the house will probably continue to cost them more and more down the line. They don't even want this house any more. The bank suggested that Dagan and Leah get a lawyer and try to threaten the construction company into finishing the house by July 5th. What a joke!

Even if the contractors suddenly became cooperative after an entire year, it is physically impossible to finish it by that time--even just enough to live in. They are not only dealing with the vanished contractors, but now they are also dealing with Home Depot. And Dagan and Leah were told that the counter tops aren't measured and ordered until after the cabinets are installed--and they take another 3-4 weeks until delivery. And the cabinets are still sitting there--and none of the plumbing can be finished for the sinks until everything is installed. The garage is a lake and has to dry out before any concrete can be poured--there are no steps to get into the house--have to walk thru mud and climb a ladder. Etc, etc... And this is a house they were told would be done last year.

Dagan and Leah are getting a lawyer. But they want to find out what their legal options are as to getting out from under this whole fiasco. They need to find a way out of the quicksand, you know? There are people with whom patience and thinking postive just doesn't work. And these contractors have proved repeatedly that they do poor work in the first place and are blatant liars. It would cost a lot extra just to fix what they have done already. (Did you see how they cut a hole in the heating duct!!??) There comes a time to fold your hand and leave the table, as they say.

I think they will be much better off in the long run getting out now--no matter what the cost. It will cost them more if they don't, you know? So, I am praying they can be relieved of this burden as quickly as possible. :)

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