Monday, June 23, 2008


Karma was in no mood to be disturbed yesterday. She had been sitting looking out the open window, appreciating the beautiful day--I went to get a picture of her and she immediately acknowledged I was there and she sounded a little peeved. She does this thing where she throws her head back and talks to me--a cat over-the-shoulder greeting type of thing. If you add tail flicking to it and that tone in her voice.....

She was annoyed. I maybe scared off a fly on the screen--or just plain ruined her meditative state. Doesn't she look sad. She left in disgust.

Found herself a secret place to have a nap (under the bed) where I wouldn't intrude. She was in a much better mood after her nap--chuckle!

Funny--she does the same throwing the head back thing when she is all lovey-dovey and wants to cuddle with me. She talks away and purrs. Part of the head tossing thing then is she wants to be scratched and petted--trying to charm me into obliging her.

Cats! Gotta love em'!

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