Monday, June 30, 2008


Was a gorgeous day yesterday!! And supposed to have more of the same for a couple of days. Have had the place wide open, day and night, nice breeze (of course--it's North Dakota), cool at night and not too hot during the day--ahhh!!! Been spending time on the porch writing bookcards and reading.

This was the view yesterday from the porch.

Couldn't ask for a better day!

Supposed to have more of the same for a couple more days, too. I will be taking advantage of it.
Jennifer posted a picture of her embellished cover on the journal she made when she was over. You can see it here:
I am planning on getting back to the second secret project today. :)
It might not be so peaceful, I suppose. We got a notice that the construction company is starting repairwork on the roofs and siding on both buildings today. I am in building A--they are starting on building B.
Nobody has been here yet about the leaking from the bedroom window. It stopped on its own. ??? Hasn't been leaking in the subsequent rain. Odd. I told the maintenance man when I saw him outside last week. Probably why I haven't seen anybody. No rush on mine any more. :)
Anyways, the construction company was also supposed to go around and put that seal around each of the windows in both buildings. I haven't heard anything going on or seen any vehicles--but then I haven't really been looking. Karma probably knows. She's always spying out the windows--her Cat TV. Sometimes I wish she spoke English--hehe!
Have a good one!

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