Friday, November 20, 2009


I do this all the time! Whenever I have company or go anyplace I forget all about the camera and taking pictures--duh! It's always been such a solitary activity for me, I guess.
Well, this is what Leah worked on last night. Cutting out the pieces of the snowflakes.
Well, cutting and then embossing. Everything has to be run through the machine twice.
But--awesome!!! They turn out so clean and crisp. :)
We're using the burgundy cardstock. Leah prefers the darker burgundy and I like both the burgundy and the red. Doesn't matter to me. I think they both look great. Our cards this year might all end up being burgundy and white. Even Dagan liked them. :)
This is why I was cutting out the rectangles.
And why we are saving scraps for making handmade paper. A bit of excess--waste--but it was the easiest way to cut up an 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper--and easiest for assembly line work.
Dagan and Leah rode together, so Dagan stayed all evening, too! He monkeyed with my computers--desktop and laptop--updating and such. And Dagan showed me the new laptop they bought him for work--my goodness! It was almost like being on my desk computer--and probably even has a bigger brain for storage, they said. Nicest laptop I have ever used. Honestly! Light, too! They might finally make a laptop one day that I actually like and would use? No lie! You know I haven't been a big fan of laptop keyboards and screens. But this one was really, really nice, I must admit. Brand name? No idea. Just thought of that right now while I am talking it up--hehe! :) Well, look how far I have come from learning on the old Underwood! ROFL!
Anyways, happy day! I was in bed not long after they headed for home and slept till morning--hurray! Maybe finally back on days?? Knock on wood! :) That would be nice.
It's a sunny morning and Miss Karma is parked in the chair by the window watching the world go by. I am sitting here typing and smiling to myself. Life is good! Life is good! :):)


Intense Guy said...

Happiness is a monkeyed computer and being all updated.

At first I read that as a "monkey's" computer and that's plain silly.

I mean, you would obviously have a cat computer for Karma since she's not a monkey.

I think my brain storage needs a good dusting and cleaning out.


As Tony the Tiger would say, "Your flakes are greeeeaaaaat!"

Serena Lewis said...

You and Leah are certainly on a good roll with all the craft stuff. The cut-outs look lovely!

I hope you get back onto days soon only because I know how you prefer to be awake through the daylight hours.

Some laptops are really nice while others are too compact for my liking.

Rita said...

Hi Iggy,
Monkey's computer--hehe! Sometimes I think Dagan believes a moneky has been using it when he comes over here to fix my boo-boos, computer confusion, and things I have accidentally screwed up. Yup! Just plain silly! hehe!

Dagan and Leah still chuckle at me calling it the "brains" of the computer--as in bigger brains, faster brains, unscrambling the brains (defragging), etc. It can be pretty flaky up here in Fargo! ROFL! :):)

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
I'm pretty much back on days (Sunday by the time I am responding--I am so slow!) and loving it! :)

This one Dagan's work bought him had such a nice big clear screen and was fast! The keyboard wasn't so flat that I hit the wrong keys--hehe!

Leah and I sure do like the new Cuttlebug! And I think these will be pretty cards. If you email me your address I would be delighted to send you one!! :)

Leah said...

Rita first of all, and this is in good spirit... ;) They have always made nice laptops like that, well not always, but for many years, we just don't have the income and we're selfish. That was a $400 laptop that isn't meant to be that good, and it's a few years old, it's a cheap, bottom of the barrel laptop, it's not really meant for anything other than checking your email and light web browsing. Someday we will be able to get you a really nice laptop, just like someday we'll be able to get ourselves really nice laptops... ;)

Secondly, no offense and I know you laugh too, we laughed this time because to you, it's not the internet unless it's, your email, or,, one of the sites that you know. When you click on the "e" that's the internet...Dagan and I couldn't help but laugh when you were staring at the screen that was on an internet website that you didn't know and you were saying how do I get to the internet? Where's the internet? We say, that's the internet, you say, no it's not, how do I get to the internet. Then I realize what's going on and come over type in into the address bar and hit enter and you're like there it is! ;)

It's funny and we have to laugh because we both spend our days walking people just like you through various computer related issues. ;)

Love you Rita!
-Leah OOO :D

Rita said...

No offense taken--hehe! I know I always crack you guys up when it come to anything the least bit techie. And I am more than happy to take you guys' old stuff when you get new stuff. MORE than happy! :):)

I can't believe I am a week behind on my comments!

Rita said...

LY2 Leah!

(I hit send by accident.)