Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Here was Karma keeping watch over the ten gallon hood and light in the hallway--hehe! Going to take a few days recovery time before I can tackle cleaning out the 30 gallon. No worries. It sure isn't going anywhere, right? hehe!
The ScorPal arrived yesterday. Pain makes me so spacey that I forgot to even show it to Leah when she was here!
Doesn't look like much, but it is raved about online by card makers and paper crafters. :)
Leah stopped by to pick up some items to mail (Etsy sales) and thought I might be sleeping, so she didn't call. I got to see Ariel's light green Volkswagen from the window--so cute!
Anyways, the scoring tool snaps into the base. You push that blue button thingie down and the tool pops out--cool!
Since Ariel was with, Leah got to take her on the grand pottery tour. Showed Ariel all the different pots Leah has made that are over here--used with pens, brushes, cat water, cat food, painting water, craft tools, candy, and a candle. :):) Leah is so talented!
Oh-Oh!! Update on the slain dentist!! Remember the dentist's wife recently died...well, the father-in-law in Oklahoma didn't like the way the dentist was raising his little granddaughter. Apparently you can hire a contract killer in Oklahoma for $3,000 to kill somebody with a hammer. But when they can track him down by license plates and the rare car he's hauling cross-country...well, you get what you pay for. The killer gave grandpa up--sang like a canary. They found the car in a storage area in Oklahoma City and he also took electronics and such. But Grandpa should have known that you really can't count on a discount hit man's abilities, knowledge, or experience. Sadly--he did get the main job done, tho. *sigh* What were they thinking!!?
Isn't it creepy to think you could be bludgeoned with a hammer for only three grand. Times are definitely hard.
Crazy stuff happening lately on the news. We also had a "boyfriend" who was babysitting that got so drunk that he fell asleep on top of the 2 month old baby--suffocating the poor child. The middle aged man was a greasy-haired guy that looked like the stereotypical wino. Who would ever leave him to babysit in the first place!!?
What is this world coming to?
Well, I am just really, really glad to be me, I tell you!
And I get a little happy thrill every time I walk past the bedroom at night.
Nothing like an aquarium shining in the dark...
...so peacefully.
Well, usually. Depends on what fish you have in there--ROFL! Mine are peaceful.
Our two days of sunshine--came and went. Back to rain and darkness today. Maybe all this dreariness contributed to me watching the news about the murdered dentist...? That's enough of the news for me for a while--hehe!
Caroline is coming in less than an hour. I have Cashwise coming tonight with groceries. I hurt less today than yesterday. Life is good. I'm taking it easy because we have crafts tomorrow night--tada! Working on those Christmas cards. I think Ariel is coming along, too. Nice!
Catch you tomorrow. :):)


Serena Lewis said...

OMG, I miss some time from visiting your blog and now I have some catching up to do. That POOR dentist....being murdered by a hit-man for $3000!!! The news can be so negative and depressing which is why I haven't watched TV, apart from my own DVD series, for months now. Mum was only telling me yesterday about a story she'd seen on the Current Affairs program. A young boy breaks up from his girlfriend....the mother of the girlfriend organises for three thugs to go around and beat him up BUT....the girl's boyfriend (who had his brother with him) got wind of it so rang his father who arrived just as the thugs showed up...the thugs shot the father....then the thugs took the boyfriend and his brother over to the boys' mother's house and put her through hell. At some point, the mother of the girlfriend rang and spoke to the boy's mother and simply said, "Well, how does it feel now?". Needless to say, the three thugs and the girlfriend's mother are now serving time in jail as the boyfriend's father ended up dying from the gunshot wounds but isn't it crazy that this all happened over a relationship break-up.

Anywhoo, it looks like I have some catching up to do. Btw, your aquarium looks beautiful and calming.

Rita said...

Hi Serena!
I usually try to avoid the news most of the time. I agree--just too depressing. That's an insane story, too! Aren't you just amazed by how cruel and crazy people can be? They don't think these actions through much, do they? That's why I prefer watching my Netflix DVDs, too--hehe! :):)