Monday, November 02, 2009


There are people in this town who are apparently don't think reality has struck yet. They feign worry about my soul.
They slid this under my door. Is it any wonder why people can be easily frightened by political fear-mongering? I sadly do agree with them--that they live in a fearful world of unreality.
I washed clothes yesterday and finished moving the plants and fish into the ten gallon--tada!
They were quite taken aback by the new surroundings.
This was breakfast this morning. Everybody still hiding...
...except for old hunchback. She/He watches everything that goes on and was very calm about the move.
Needless to say, I am totally shot today. But I can relax, take it easy, and marvel at the fact that Dagan is 35 years old today!! He has a blessed life, that's for sure. Blessed! Blessed! Blessed! And he has blessed mine beyond measure. :):):):)
Ooops! Leah is here--bye!


Kelli said...

Love the fishy tank!

LMAO, I'm sure you can take care (not to mention save) your soul just fine without their help. Cute booklet though, maybe you could hang it up for decoration next halloween? LOL

Serena Lewis said...

Belated Birthday Wishes to Dagan!

I think your soul is doing just fine on its own too. :)

Rita said...

I'll be glad when I am finally done cleaning the 30 gallon, too. It is going to wait a good long while, tho. I want to get some other things done around here first.

With advertising like that, I'm sure they will get some new fearful folks to join. Sad! It did look rather Halloweeny--hehe! :)

Rita said...

I am feeling exceptionally grateful on Dagan's birthday this year. :)

I do think my soul will do better without those people--chuckle! :)