Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Good Morning!
Well, I posted some more cards on Etsy yesterday. I was going to post the journals, but they are over at Leah's and we forgot that I need the measurements and number of pages. And then Leah apparently forgot to email me after she got home from work. So--until I get those details, I can't post them. Sorry. I hope to get the last of our finished cards posted today, tho. :)
Kind of using myself up at the computer lately. Could do that again today because I am also behind on emails, of course--hehe! It is such a rarity for me to ever actually get caught up that I'm surprised a band doesn't start playing and confetti fall from the sky. Ahhh! Such is the life of the tortoise...or the snail. :)
Every once in a while I notice Karma's tag on her collar. She chewed the metal tag as far as she could reach when she was a kitten--thereby rendering it useless for anything beyond her name.
I have thought of replacing it many times. What is stopping me?
1. Karma is terrified of the hallway, strangers, and we live on third floor. I doubt she'd ever get lost in the first place. But--one never knows and we do have false fire alarm problems once or twice a year (why I bought the cat stroller). One might be real one day and who knows where we'd end up?
2. I never, ever saw her chew on this tag. No lie! And we're together basically 24/7. For some reason tag chewing is a totally private activity for Miss Karma. I have always wondered how she managed it. All the times I am up and down at night or lying there and can't sleep, I have never heard teeth on metal in the dark either? And because it is clandestine, I don't know if she still indulges and would destroy another tag as well? The obliteration may have become denser over time. I'm just not sure.
Karma and her secrets! Who knows what else she does in her private time, eh? Like a double life--ROFL!
Rained all day yesterday and I was feeling only so-so. Supposed to be drier today. I am hoping to make it over to Hobby Lobby. I wondered how people make journals with the raw edged paper--investigated online--found stainless steel art deckle rulers by Logan. Looks like they would work. According to their website, Hobby Lobby carries them in Fargo--and I have a 40% off coupon good till tomorrow. So--that's my big plan....if my body cooperates. Wish me luck! I could call and see if they actually have any in stock the sizes I want--but, you know, I really do need to get out of here once in a blue moon. Right? Right. And they are predicting snow for tomorrow, too. So today would be the best day to go--if all goes well. We'll see how the day unfolds. :)
Sometimes I think about how my life--my body--used to be and how much I took that for granted. Driving cross country. Walking all day long. Lifting and carrying--pushing and pulling. Running (not that I did much of that, but I could if I wanted to). Climbing stairs. Dancing with abandon. Being able to do what you want when you want. To say, I am going over to Hobby Lobby today at such and such a time--and I could actually do that--no problem. It would be a choice--not a tentative plan--a goal that's out of your hands, your personal control.
You adjust and get used to it, of course. But I do have days where I become frustrated...or wistful. You probably don't believe me, but today isn't one of them. Because it doesn't really matter if I make it to Hobby Lobby or not. The ruler is not that expensive. I will only save a few dollars. There is no pressure at all over this particular trip. When it really bothers me--a lot--is when I have appointments to keep! Like federal housing, doctors, dentist, etc. Or when I had plans with other people and they fall through--because of me. When I am really worried or stressed about it--that's when I can't talk about it. If that makes any sense. It is too close. I can talk about it now because leaving the apartment came up as a possibility--but it is not a necessity, you know? Not all up in my face with the clock ticking--hehe!
Karma and I live in a small world, don't we? chuckle! Most of the time it doesn't bother us at all. But appointments and fire alarms...now those are a horse of a different color. :):)
Thanksgiving is coming. A time to remember all the things we are grateful for. There are a lot of things that might not have even crossed your mind. The truly taken for granted aspects of your life. I hope you think of them. Your blessing are uncounted! Innumerable! Enjoy--enjoy--enjoy them all! Spin with your arms wide or fall to your knees and say--Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!
We are all limited in one way or another.
Life is truly an amazing, miraculous gift! Have an absolutely wonderful day! :):)


AliceKay said...

Did Karma really chew on her tag when she was a kitten? How did she manage that? Wow! Her tag looks like it's getting worn out by her banging it against things in her normal day to day activities. I know the one I had on one of my cats did the same thing.

We all have things in life that stress us out and make us wonder how we will ever be able to do the things we need to do sometimes. I have my share. I have my anxieties, too. I hope you were able to take that trip to Hobby Lobby. Sounds like you would have enjoyed that. :)

You're right...we have a lot to be thankful for. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Intense Guy said...

Has Karma been a really good cat? If so, maybe Santa will bring her a nice shiny new tag for Christmas? Of course, if she hasn't, you will get a lump of coal that you'll have to do something with...

I hope Karma gets the Turkey-flavored cat food tomorrow!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Rita said...

Yes, Karma chewed the metal tag. You can see all the little round teeth marks when you look up close, so it's not from rubbing on anything.

I did make it out and about. I really should try to get out more often. Dagan and Leah tell me I should just drive the car around a little if nothing else. I borrow that car from them--their old one. I should try to take it out once a month like they tell me to do for the car's sake--hehe! :)

Rita said...

Karma got her fishy cat food--oh well. That's her favorite. I didn't even think of turkey cat food--bad owner, eh? You always give me a giggle, Iggy! :)