Saturday, November 28, 2009


It is easy to see how Miss Karma may have chewed on her tag--and may still be secretly chomping away--despite the fact I never saw her or heard tooth on metal.
A red heart does look good on her, tho. :)
What have I been doing for days? Cutting snowflakes...
...then flipping them over and running them through again to emboss them (using that tan rubber mat)...
...then, with this biggest one, taking a pin and poking through each of the dozen little round holes...
...poke out the center star...
...and then carefully pop or poke out the snowflake, as the case may be. The smaller ones pop right out. This bigger red one and the bigger white one do take some time.
But aren't they wonderful!! :) Almost all of them will be burgundy and white, as you can see. But I am cutting out some extra red ones so that maybe we can have a few to post on Etsy--tada! If not in time for this year, we can always post them next year, right? :)
I will be done today with all those stacks I had pre-cut. Like I said, we had a lot of uneven piles. I added more white paper because a few of the big delicate snowflakes tore while getting them out of the die. So, not even exactly sure how many we have all the parts for--but close to a hundred, I'm sure. And we'll have a lot of different extra parts.
You can see why they sell the extra plastic plates everywhere. You can see how mangled up they get from the cutting of the dies. After while all that roughness can effect the cutting process we found. I've been moving the dies all over the plates so I am not cutting in the same place all the time (like I was in the beginning) and we flip the plate back and forth, too, so we are using both sides. I am really glad now I bought up an extra set of B plates at the time. After cutting hundreds and hundreds of snowflakes--we actually could use another set of B plates for back up now. We have pretty much mangled up the first set of two--hehe!
This is so awesome! I am sooo excited to start putting them together!
But--I have to wait a bit. We got a special Etsy order for a dozen of my angel bookmarks with cream and burgundy paper. So that is what I will start on today--right after I finish up with the last of the red snowflakes. Band? Confetti? ROFL!
No lie! It is soooo exciting when you finish a step when you are assembly-lining. Especially when it's a really time consuming or intricate step. You do really feel like doing the happy dance--hehe!
Leah will probably be over tomorrow. I hope so! I am really hoping she'll be here for the constructing of the very first cards so we can concur and make the final decisions together on how they will look. :)
So--off I go--me and my timer--hehe! Have a good one! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Now, that's A LOT of snowflakes! :)

AliceKay said...

Yes, it's definitely easy to see in this pic how Karma could chew on that tag.

Making those snowflakes looks like time consuming work to me, but they sure do look great.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Intense Guy said...

Maybe Karma was reminded of the metal eating guy in one or two of the James Bond movies...

The character was named Jaws and was in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. :)

Rita said...

Serena--yup! Approximately a hundred of each part and two hundred of the middle sized snowflake. Happy dance! :)

AliceKay--Miss Karma is very oral. No claws. hehe! The snowflakes were very time consuming, but they'll be worth it. I'll post pictures when we get some finished cards and I am allowed to post again. (I'm so behind on my comments--sorry!)

Iggy--Now you hit on movies I have not watched. Not a James Bond fan so I didn't know there was a man who ate metal--my goodness! Karma must have thought of it on her own--ROFL! :):)