Monday, November 16, 2009


Look who's home!
I stayed awake today so Leah and I could go pick up the Underwood from the typewriter hospital.
Isn't this so nice the way he has made a half of his garage into his shop? He's very clean, neat, and organized. Definitely got the anal stamp of approval--hehe!
Afterwards, Leah came in and tried out some other dies we bought back when and haven't even played with yet. (Boy! Have we both been out of the game lately or what?!) The Sizzix snowflakes and the deckled rectangles...
...were experimented with rather extensively. Trying to get the Sizzix dies to cut was a chore. They never did cut as cleanly as the Spellbinders dies, but Leah got them to work alright. We'd never use Sizzix to cut 100 card parts, that's for sure!
They're tricky to remove from the paper afterwards without tearing, even when you get them to cut. We finally found the right combination of plates and shims for cutting. Leah accidentally found out how to use them for just embossing the snowflakes, too--hehe! They're not meant for embossing, but it worked.
Leah wrote down all the various "sandwich" combinations needed for which dies and which effects we want. So far--we are definitely Spellbinders fans!!
The big test will be--how well do the Spellbinders dies hold up after cutting over a hundred times?
Leah left for the post office to mail another Etsy order and Haiying's stack of sheets I printed off. :):) She and Ariel were going to the recycling center, too. Leah is so good about recycling--proud of her. :)
Oh--and Leah suggested I call The Lighthouse about the bad bulb for my lamp (just bought it in June) and they would replace it for me. So Leah was also stopping by there to pick up a new bulb for me, too! Thanks Leah!! Was a great idea to call them and so grateful you would exchange the bulb for me! :):)
Karma looked a little impatient--like, "would you please just sit down". With me being up all night and all day, getting ready to leave, being gone, company, and then I kept moving around taking those darn pictures. She gets this look when she thinks I should just stay in one place so she can sleep--ROFL! She was so tired.
Only goes to show you how truly snail-like my life really is--hehe! Karma isn't used to a lot of activity....well, face it--even a modicum of activity! As irregular as my hours can be, my life is extremely quiet and routine--ROFL! It's good to shake up her world once in a while! :)
Well, tomorrow Caroline comes. Then Leah (and maybe Ariel) plans to come on both Wednesdays and Thursdays until we get Christmas cards done. Look out Miss Karma, eh?
Me--I am yawning as I am writing this. I only slept five hours and couldn't get back to sleep--so here I am--yawning. Sad. Been such a noodle lately. I hope to be a little more productive the next few days. A little world shaking is always good, right? ROFL! :):)


Intense Guy said...

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog...

...but who jumps over Karma?

I see the ribbon and mechanism all work really nicely!

Looks like you are singing "Let it Snow(flake), Let is Snow(flake)"...

Poor Karma... she's gonna be the so happy when the holidays are over and she can get back to playing with her plastic nylon meshy netty thingy, huh?

Rita said...

Iggy, you crack me up! Who? Who is going to jump over the lazy cat? hehe! Been so long I typed it incorrectly, too. You're right, it's "jumps" not "jumped"--duh!

And I love the "Let it snow (flake)"--now I'll have that in my head. I'll have to tell Leah tonight. We both love snowflakes. :)

Miss Karma is probably hoping for some more dangly Christmas ribbons--hehe! :):)