Monday, November 23, 2009


Leah came over last night and did a lot of cuttlebugging. :)
And I even remembered to get a picture!
Now this week is Thanksgiving, so no Leah for crafts. I will continue to putter along with the Christmas cards this week. :)

But today I plan to work on Etsy postings. I decided to part with my very first coptic stitch and my very first hardbound watercolor journals. I still have a couple more coptics left for myself. Never seem to have the time to sketch and paint enough to fill up the journals I have made--hehe! I think I enjoy making them more than filling them up, you know--hehe! Leah took pictures of the two journals for Etsy and brought them over last night. Time to part with more treasures I don't use, right? :):)

So--a rainy day Monday has begun. Can't believe how close to December we are already! Got to get moving! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Artists are always on the look out for hand-made watercolour journals, Rita, so I think they would sell well for you. I have been thinking of making up some more journals myself recently as I've been quite drawn to art journaling lately. You and Leah have a great set-up and seem to work really well together. Now that Michelle lives closer to us now, we plan on getting together once a week for an art day. Can hardly wait....of course, it will have to happen after all this sorting and re-organising is out of the way. The garage is still a mess!

Intense Guy said...

Your little elf has some really nice working conditions. :)

I'll peek at Etsy now.

Rita said...

Serena--I can just picture you and Michelle working together. Nothing like good creative company! I think a lady from Australia is interested in buying one of the journals. Gives me a good reason to make more--fun! :)

Iggy--One of the advantages to my living alone--I can leave things up, toom until we are done. Unless it is too interesting to Karma, of course--hehe! :)