Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Caroline is always such a pleasure when she comes. :) Here she is vacuuming around the chaos of black plastic bags, etc.
This is her last semester and she is going to be cutting way back on clients after she graduates. But--she wants to continue to keep coming to my place to clean--tada! I'm not being dropped! TaDa! Caroline is like a ray of sunshine--every two weeks--hehe! :)
After work today Leah is planning to come over for Craft Night. Possibly Ariel, too. And again tomorrow night. Christmas cards here we come, eh? We have both really been off our game this year, haven't we? Especially me. That's life. Best laid plans, right? Roll with the punches--hehe!

I just woke up again here at 1:30am. Been kind of napping a couple of times a day at odd hours. I might end up lying down for a little while before Crafts or dozing in my chair--who knows? I've been so noodle/kitten useless lately. *sigh* Just the way my body goes sometimes. But maybe now that Leah and I have agreed on how to cut and layer the snowflakes...maybe I could start on those during the night tonight. Get something done during my better hours. After all, I might be pretty useless later on. I'll be happy when I am back on days again. And I will be.


Patience, right?

Meanwhile--happy times here for me and Miss Karma. She's purring away and life is good. My headache is gone after three days--tada! (Knock on wood!) Another one of those regular gifts from the fibro fairy--ROFL! Hey--it could be worse, right?

I hope Leah's even better. She was still having trouble turning her head on Monday--neck was stiff. :( I wonder if she's been back to the chiropractor? She's been in a couple of car accidents...wish I could take her pain for her. :( Lately too many people I love have been in pain and hurtin'... *sigh*

But--there is excitement up here in Fargo for the easily entertained! Should have the floor lamp working again tonight with a new bulb--tada! It feels like a decent able-to-get-something-done night so far--tada! I should be able to make some kind of headway on the next step for the cards--tada! Supposed to be sunny again today--tada! And one of my very favorite people in the world should be here for several hours--tada!

Looks like a real "tada!" day, doesn't it? Nice! Nice! Wishing you joy and good company!

Karma says hi. :):)


Intense Guy said...

Looks like you and Karma have been adopted by Caroline.

If Fargo had a bunch of Owls (I'm assuming there aren't many, if any) you'd be "Whooo whoooo"-ting at them in the earliest of the morning hours...

I hope Leah feels better - too many people I know are hurtin' this week. No way anyone would be able take on all that pain - just got be supportive the best one can.

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
Not bad to be adopted by someone who always has a smile on their face. (The first girl I had wasn't exactly a joy and was not dependable, either.)

I am often keeping owl hours--hehe!

Seems to be too much hurtin' going around lately. I know what you mean. :(