Thursday, November 19, 2009


Turned out Craft Night was cancelled. Dagan forgot to tell Leah that Bryan was coming over for dinner (Dagan's half-brother). So Karma had a very relaxing evening--chuckle!
I worked the day away cutting out paper rectangles--hehe!
These were pre-cut for the red and burgundy snowflake parts.
I did get the table cleaned up a bit and organized after I finished.
The big ziplock bags are for the scraps so we can recycle and make handmade paper from them later on. :)
So--yup--TaDa! It was a tada day for me, regardless. Felt wonderful to get something extra done. Wheee! :) :)
Tonight--the plan is for Leah to come over for Cuttlebugging right after work. I'm going to make us a quick dinner. I just emailed and invited Dagan for dinner, too. I don't know if he already has plans. Very late invitation. My bad. But I realized I haven't seen him since right after his surgery!
I very seldom do this split shift sleeping. Still just napping a couple times a day. Once I wake up I can lay there for even an hour and just can't get back to sleep no matter how tired my body might feel. So--I will just see if I can take a nap before company tonight and enjoy the quiet of the night, eh? The middle of the night is really peaceful. I always wonder what Karma watches out the window at this hour?
So relieved that the constant rain has seemed to let up for a while here. Ahhhh! Nice! I am still not caught up on emails and such. I should probably work online some tonight if I get an energy spurt...or maybe start cutting snowflakes...?? :):)


Intense Guy said...

If you could teach Karma to do some cuttlebugging (is that word in the dictionary!?) I wonder which die she'd pick? Grasshoppers, spiders, embossed kibble for extra special snacks?


Hope you enjoy that dinner with Dagan.

Rita said...

Hi Iggy,
I think cuttlebugging should be in the dictionary soon--hehe! Sounds almost risque, doesn't it? I'm sure Karma would pick flies, moths, and birds--any kind of bird. Her perfect card would be one with a small can of cat food on it and when you opened it she could hear the metallic sound of the top being pulled off. (Not many need can openers these days.) Oh--you always make me laugh! :)

It will be nice to see my "boy" tonight. I get to missing him when it has been a while. Enjoy his company. And I get both of them tonight! :) :)