Monday, November 30, 2009


I finished gluing the angel bookmarks together before Leah came over and then pressed them. Leah worked at the table here.
Using the Japanese Screw Punch... make holes in the snowflake parts that don't already have holes in the center.
She finished!
I was working here at the end of the table.
Stamping on the white card stock strips (which might have to be trimmed 1/8th of an inch)...
...and then embossing with the embossing powder and the heat gun.
I didn't get too far. Pretty sore by now as you probably guessed--hehe!
But I'll keep working on them little by little. I want to have the entire stack done and ready to go by Wednesday when Leah comes back so we'll be all ready for our assembly line construction. *she shudders in anticipation*
In the meantime--during one of my many breaks--I am going to go thru my address book and count to see how many cards I will actually need this year.
Let's see...
I showed Leah some things I found on youtube. Using metallic sheets for Spellbinders die storage--awesome! Demos on how to use our new Flower Soft. Oh--and we re-watched the Bow-Easy video and Leah practiced making a few bows, too. I forgot to take a picture of them before we found a specific storage spot for them and put them away--hehe!
Leah's day off today. She is bringing cars in for oil changes (including PitaPaseo), picking up our Nestability sets from K&Krafts, buying some more brads, going to Office Max to laminate the angel bookmarks, checking at OM for magnetic sheets and photo boxes, going to the Post Office with one of my journals I posted on Etsy (mailing it to a lady in Australia!)...and I don't know what all else. Whew!
Me--sore--but not really bad. Not enough to pull me back to a complete stop--just enough to slow me way down. Which is a funny statement coming from someone who lives the tortoise life to begin with--ROFL! (I crack myself up!) Everything's relative, right? I can still keep puttering away a bit today. :)
Do you send out Christmas cards? Do you buy them or make them? Or do you send ecards across cyberspace these days? Or nothing--and think they just clutter up the postal system? :):)


Intense Guy said...

I send real Christmas Cards in the mail ... my favorites are made by this mother/daughter-in-law team in Fargo...


AliceKay said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of work! The "Seasons Greetings" in the silver is very nice.

I send Christmas cards in the regular mail (snail mail) and I usually buy them. I also send e-greetings over the internet to some. There are some special people on my list who get both. :)

(i need to check out this mother/daughter-in-law team's work a little closer)

Rita said...

Iggy--you are the best fan us girls could have! :):):)

Rita said...

Alice Kay--The "Seasons Greetings" is actually a raised black, but when the light hits it it can look silvery. :)

Glad to see there are other people out there who still send cards via snail mail. I can't imagine a world without cards and letters! I have had a love affair with pens, paper, and ink since I was about 9-10 years old--and have been making cards for, well... decades! I didn't always make my Christmas cards every year, but since Leah and I started doing ours together we have made them every year. It is even more fun to have someone to make them with who gets as much of a kick out of it as you do--hehe! :):)