Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The back ordered Spellbinder's snowflake die set arrived yesterday!
Leah and I were shocked! We thought we'd be lucky to see it by January because of the Christmas rush and all. Sooooo glad to see it, tho! We can go back to our original plan B--hehe!
I showed Leah what has happened with the little Christmas tree dies (plan C). They have a padding that is supposed to help pop the trees off the dies...well, the padding has flattened and the edges of the die have become a bit ragged, I think. Anyways, the trees don't come off easily any more. Well--that's really an understatement! It is quite a difficult process to dig them off the die without ruining the little paper trees--and I haven't even cut out 65 trees yet! We need almost 300!

Well, you get what you pay for, I guess. Those little tree dies were only a dollar apiece. (The snowflake die set was about $20.00.) I don't know as I would trust cheap dies with foam backing again--hehe! At least not for a mass production project. I guess we'll find out how well the Spellbinder's dies hold up, won't we?

Leah tried out the snowflake dies before we left. We checked that we have enough red paper to make red and white layered snowflakes. We do!
We just needed more white brads. Couldn't decide between the plain little round brads or the snowflake brads. Since we didn't have enough of either we decided to see what we could find and let that decide for us.
We went and dropped off the Underwood typewriter--which he said could be done in a few days! And then we went to our favorite local craft shop--K & Krafts--and found both of them--hehe!
Now we'll have to decide on how we want to actually construct the finished product, but this gives you an idea of what the colorful layered snowflakes will look like.
Also--we picked up a new product at K&Krafts. More about these when we try to figure out how to use them--ha! :)
My goal tonight is to get some more bookmarks posted on Etsy.
I am thinking with these crazy hours I should probably post before I go to bed for a while. Leah and I are planning on having Craft Night Wednesday and Thursday this week--so I'll be scrambling when I wake up. So--later gator...hehe! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

The snowflake looks lovely and very effective...and I agree, sometimes, you do get what you pay for. A pity about the tree dies.

Rita said...

At least we can always use the little trees for other cards. They won't go to waste, of course. :):)