Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Little bit of snow during the night.
What an interesting design on this hood.
We may get a little more snow, but not much.

Well--here's the proof I made it over to Hobby Lobby and the car started after two months--ROFL!!
They didn't have any of the art deckle rulers by Logan--at all. Searched and asked. So much for checking that out on the Internet. No wonder I do so much shopping online, eh? I will probably order the deckle rulers from Dick Blick in December.
Anyways, I got out and about--tada! I wandered around the store for a while and ran across something that I thought would serve a good purpose. A little treasure.
We have been accumulating a variety of leftover paper shapes from our Cuttlebug use. As they have increased in number I went searching for some way to store them. Have been using these tiny glass jars.
But then I spied an entire end cap of these!
Only $2.99 and very lightweight. Perfect for our Cuttlebug saver scraps!
Talk about room for expansion!
It wasn't until after I was in the car and halfway home that I realized I had carried around that 40% off coupon the whole time I was in the store--but forgot to use it for my little gem because I guess I still had my eye on the big ruler prize.
ROFL!!! Sooo funny!
I'm sure people wondered what that crazy woman was laughing about alone in her car at the stop light--hehe!
Anyways, let's see...I mostly worked on Etsy postings yesterday. And I am (finally!!) all caught up with all the photos for products that Leah brought over--tada! We still have a few more things for her to take pictures of after the holidays but--you know me--I could almost hear the band and see the confetti--ROFL!
I also continued where Leah left off with cutting out and embossing the five snowflake parts for the Christmas cards. That is what I will be doing today, too. Putter...putter...putter. :):) Leah may come over Sunday after they get back and we'll work on cards. I am hoping I will have all the snowflake parts cut out by then. Goals, right? Got to have goals--hehe!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! :):)


Intense Guy said...

Goodness knows what people thought of the woman laughing by herself in the car in the parking lot...

Maybe they thought you OD'ed on Prozac and envied your supply...

Or perhaps they thought an orange cone tucked down out of sight in the passenger seat just told you a good joke.

We will (perhaps hopefully) never know... :)

You find the perfect thing - you ARE so organized!

AliceKay said...

That vehicle must have been driven shortly before it snowed so the steel framework under the hood was still warm and it melted the snow on contact.

What a great little find. Looks like it works perfectly for your leftovers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Serena Lewis said...

Nifty container! I have done the exact same thing, Rita....shopped in a store and forgot to use the discount coupon that was in my purse. lol

Rita said...

Iggy--funny--I can just picture you driving around with a cone in the passenger seat--ROFL! Hey--give 'em something to talk about, right? hehe! :)

Rita said...

Probably. I do find little things like that fascinating--kind of pretty on an odd way. :)

Yes--the little container is perfect! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, too.

Rita said...

LOL--I know! This isn't the first time I have done that--(cracking myself up!) I didn't feel too badly because it wasn't very expensive in the first place--but you think--where's my mind, anyways!? hehe! :)