Friday, February 22, 2008


I spent my time yesterday doing sides of the wooden box--one by one. Found out the hard way that you have to let each side dry flat (or at least so tacky it can't move anymore) before you shift the box to work on another side--otherwise the lacquer pools and drips. Did two layers and it is done!

Here's the before shot...

...and here's the after shot. :)

I really like it. I didn't paint the inside or the bottom.

And here's Leah's boxes so far. She wanted them redder than they were. I like them!
She hasn't started on the lacquer yet.

Meanwhile, the ASW saga continues! The UPS man showed up yesterday with a second art table. The box was in much worse shape than the first one had been. Didn't even need to "open" it to observe the damage because it was broken open on the one end and we could both just flip the end open and look in. This table was in even worse shape than the first table. The damage to the only corner we could see was twice as bad as the last one. So, it never made it past the threshhold. I refused it right off the bat.

I spent 18 minutes on hold for ASW. Reported my refusal of the art table and said I do not want a third table shipped here. I just want my money back and to cancel the order altogether. This girl told me there was nothing she find as far as the picking up the first table, so she put in for a pick up on that one. I hope they don't think I have two tables sitting around here now because of a duplication?

After the girl had finished getting all the information, she told me to call ASW today during the day--just to make sure. I asked her why? She said, "if it was me, I'd call to make sure about your refund...I'm just saying...." She didn't mean IF I'd get one--more to make sure they start the process. What an outfit, eh?

Today I am just washing clothes and puttering about. And I will call ASW--again--pretty soon here. :)

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