Thursday, February 28, 2008


Mostly pictures today. Too tired to talk. Will fill you in on the last two busy days later. :) But--have another set of before and after pictures!! Leah's set of wooden boxes--before...

...and after!! I think they turned out really nice!

I got a beautiful, delicate painting in the mail from Ann (CBP group)! Isn't this just gorgeous!!?? Thank you so very much, Ann. I am inspired by your orchid and in awe of your talent. And it is so nice to be able to see the work close-up and "in hand" thanks to you--(and to Barbara and Haiying, too.) What a personal and special gift to give artwork like this, eh?

Here are some more examples of the bookcards I have gradually been putting together as I use them. I keep forgetting to snap a picture once in a while.

Leah and I might go shopping next Wednesday. I want to go to our favorite store with the most to choose from--K&Krafts in Moorhead--and buy some more pretty paper I can use for covers. Such fun!!
While Leah worked on her projects yesterday (more later on that), I worked on the stamping and embossing of my first set of Christmas cards. And I finished--tada!!!

Now I will be sitting and coloring them in one by one with my waterbrush and Lyra watercolor crayons. I think these are going to be cute. Simple, but colorful! :)
Will fill you in on my two days with Leah later--after I get some more sleep--hehe! She and I stayed up all night long last night! Had such a good time. Watched season four of The Wire. Now I am finished with what was available on DVD. I can almost hear the theme music in my head right now......hehe! Later-- :)

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