Saturday, February 23, 2008


I move the cat grass into the sun when I remember. I have to keep it on the floor as Miss Karma makes such a mess with it.

I poured a little pile of catnip on the floor nearby (on the right) and she has completely ignored it in favor of the grass. Hasn't touched it. She usually gobbles up the catnip and acts crazy and races around the apartment. The cat grass has a similar effect on her. Also makes her cry to go out on the porch--all that smell of soil and spring--hehe! Quite a disappointment to her when it is below zero outside--ROFL!!

She carefully pulls the grass up and out of the planter by the roots and then knaws off the grass--which leaves a dirty mess. It is much easier to vacuum off the carpet where it is now than when the planter was on the window ledge and dirt was falling all over the chair and the heat register--hehe!

She does love her cat grass!
Yesterday I called ASW and retold the story to another lady. This one told me she'd take care of it and that it would take about two weeks for me to get my money back--and that may actually be true, eh?
I washed clothes, sheets, and towels. Watched the second half of Lonesome Dove. Had a quiet day. Just so glad to still be on the day shift--tada!

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