Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Called ASW yesterday and the girl told me that the refund was being processed, the new table should arrive any time, and the old table would be picked up by the end of the week--probably.

And the refund finally came through!! I got an email this morning, so it must have gone through last night. The original promise of 3-4 days stretched out to just under two weeks. Now we'll wait and see about the art tables--damaged pick up and new delivery.

It is 30 below right now and "feels like 44 below" it says. So cold that the building is cracking every once in a while in loud snaps that almost sound like doors slamming! Leah was supposed to come over for crafts today. Dagan was going to come over after work and we were going to have a Sacred Circle tonight. I wonder if they will want to venture out in this cold??!!

I've been on days again for a few days--tada! Guess I'll jump in the shower and then call Leah later and find out if we are on or not for today? Sure glad I am inside and warm. Seems to be a blessing to be housebound this winter! hehe!

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