Monday, February 25, 2008


Got about halfway done with part one (stamping and embossing) of the Christmas card project yesterday.

I snapped this picture, went to put it in the computer--and, when I plugged in the camera, both the camera and the mouse went dead last night. ?? I called Dagan and Leah--Leah will see if she can fix it when she comes over on Tuesday. So, for now, I am back on the laptop. The camera and the cord work--so it is probably the remote thingie, as they suspected.
Leah and Ariel are going to come over in the afternoon on Tuesday after Caroline is here to clean. Then on Wednesday Leah will be coming alone for crafts. They will both be starting on the sealer on Leah's boxes tomorrow, I assume.
Today I am going to bake some bread and continue working on the Christmas cards. :) Once I get them all stamped and embossed, next step is to sit and color them all in--tree by tree. Keeps me out of trouble, eh?

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