Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Last night I decided to at least open the box and take the parts out if I could manage it by myself. I opened one end of the box...

...and these corner protectors fell out--one in pieces!

As I slid the table top out--my heart sank! :(

There's also a chip out of the corner beneath this one--but this corner is definitely the worst. Not a minor scratch. Nothing that can be ignored. :(
I took pictures and slid it back in the box. Never took it out any further. No point.
This morning I am sending ASW pictures and then I am going to call them. There was no invoice on the outside of the box or anywhere else I could determine with as little as I opened it--hence, no return address label or instructions for returning damaged merchandise.
I find this whole ordeal exhausting.
Anyways, the good and most coincidental news! I got a call from Home Furniture yesterday! They are sending out someone today between 2:30-3:30pm with the parts and will install them for me! Eight months--about time! So strange that I was just making plans to move it to the garage--hehe!
Caroline also called and asked if she could switch to another day. One of the other girls was on her way to work and got into a car accident--her car was in the ditch. She had been on her way to feed a gentleman lunch--so they needed somebody to take her place. The poor man cannot feed himself--so I readily agreed to Thursday.
Leah is coming over today. We are planning on painting the wooden boxes. Snow is supposed to arrive this afternoon or early evening, but not be too bad until late this evening and through tomorrow. We only made it up to 12 degrees yesterday--but it still felt like a heat wave and Miss Karma was out on the porch three times--hehe!
Well, I am going to go find the email address of ASW's customer service. Wish me luck!

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