Monday, February 11, 2008


I've been up since 11pm last night. Crazy hours--even for me! Been busy, tho. Washed three loads of clothes and have a couple loaves of bread rising. :)

I called ASW (Art Supply Warehouse) earlier to ask them if they had already sent in the refunded amount. They assured me that my refund has been approved and should be in my bank "within a week from today". Hummm??? Made me feel that they had done absolutely nothing until I called them this morning.

I decided to go ahead and accept the table when it comes, but I don't want to ever buy anything from ASW again. Even if it was cheaper--not worth all the stress and the deception, etc. I have never had these kind of problems with any other company I have shopped with online. Makes you wonder how they stay in business?

I am winding down. Glad I got a few things done, anyways. :) I might be snoozing in my chair by the time the delivery person gets here--hehe!

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