Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Okay! Okay! I am going to have to pick one recipe and stick with it until I know what I'm doing--hehe! This time I used an old Cuisinart bread recipe from back when my Mom, sister, and I went to see the free demonstration of the "new" Cuisinart food processor at Dayton's over 30 years ago. Again--I wasn't paying close enough attention. It was for one loaf and not two loaves. No wonder the loaves turned out so small--ROFL!! They crack me up every time I look at them! Turned out good, tho! Tasty! Just had to have some while it was still warm out of the oven--and the apartment smelled so good! I am really liking baking my own bread again. :)

Meanwhile--I called ASW (Art Supply Warehouse) Monday morning since there was no activity on my account. They said the refund had been approved and should be done "within a week from today". Didn't sound like they had a done anything whatsoever about the refund since I talked to them last Thursday. This lady assured me (second promise of action) that I could accept the table and the refund would be put through right away. The table arrived yesterday afternoon.

I can just cover the difference--only because I hadn't paid Leah back yet this month. So, as soon as they finally reimburse me, I can transfer Leah her money. I guess this is the last I want to see of ASW. I will not buy anything from them again--even if it is a really good deal. If they had done a rush on the refund as I was promised the first time, I might have considered it. Right now--I am not quite sure I'll ever see the money. And they have proved that their word is not to be trusted. I seriously pray that there are no problems with the table--parts are all there and such. Can you imagine dealing with them on replacing parts?
Home Furniture is quite enough to deal with!! We are still waiting for the replacement parts for the red chair from last June!! In fact, I want to move it to the garage. I am really tired of having a chair in here that nobody but Karma can sit on. Karma is the only one who will miss it. Maybe Leah and I can bring it down on Wednesday? If we can fit it on my little green cart--then we could do it without too much trouble.
Well, let's see--today Caroline comes to clean about 11:30am. I have been collecting all the trash together (I have wastebaskets everyplace--ask Dagan and Leah!) and picking up cat toys--the usual. Have also been experimenting this morning with different colors of acrylic paints to see what color I'd like to paint my wooden box from Hobby Lobby. Some shade of brown...still not sure. Might have to layer colors like Leah is doing?
Heat wave expected today! They're predicting a high of 18 degrees!! Tomorrow there is a winter storm watch (4-6 inches of snow) and then back to -23 degrees below by Wednesday. Crazy weather up here. Crazy weather all over!
I am off to paint more wood chips.... :)

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