Friday, February 08, 2008


More pictures of the house. They're getting the roof braces on.

I guess they are going to cut out the hole for the front door later?

Yesterday I saw they had a word for people like me that I had never heard of:
This week's theme: words related to sleep.
lychnobite (LIK-nuh-byt) noun One who works at night and sleeps during the day.
[From Greek lychnos (lamp) + bios (life).]
-Anu Garg (words at
I kind of like that! Lamp life! I am a person who lives by the lamp, that's for sure--hehe!
The highlights yesterday--I made cabbage soup and had an argument with ASW (Art Supply Warehouse) over my art table. Most places send you a confirmation email and I never received one from ASW. I was, therefore, checking my bank account online. Tuesday I saw that they had taken the almost $124 out, replaced it twice, and then charged me over $160.00! By the next morning--all of that was gone and there were no charges at all. They had removed everything. Yesterday the charge had gone through--but at the higher and unexpected $160.00!!
I called and was not happy to say the least. The girl told me it was extra shipping costs. I have done online shopping for many years--and if there are going to be extra costs for oversized items they tell you that up front and it always shows up at your checkout. In fact, you usually have to enter your zip code, etc, so they can figure out the additional shipping costs. I told her that I can't afford the table at that price--on fixed income--could have checks bounce because of this, etc.
She told me that the table had already shipped and was due to be delivered on Monday. I said if I knew I was going to pay over $50 to ship a $109.00 dollar table, I would never, ever have ordered it. Deceitful business practices. I told her I would refuse the table and send it back to them. I didn't want it. I never agreed to pay that much shipping. They never even sent me a confirmation email or any email at all to tell me about the almost $35.00 more in shipping charges. I wouldn't have even known if I hadn't been checking my account online--and they didn't seem to know what they were doing. (I told her about the series of charges and reimbursements on Tuesday.) People who used charge cards wouldn't find out until the following month!
I know it wasn't her fault and told her so. But told her to please emphatically relay all my complaints to management and to tell them I would never shop with them again and I didn't know how they stayed in business and I would have to report this to the better business bureau. She said she'd talk to her boss and see if they could reimburse me right away. I told her I would refuse the table when it came on Monday.
A little while later she called me back and asked me that if they reimbursed me the difference and I could get the table for the $124, would I like to keep the table. Wonderful! That was what I had expected.
So, now I am checking online to see that they actually do reimburse me before Monday. (Not so far, but I know it can take a couple days.) If they don't--I will call them Monday morning and tell them I am going to refuse the table. I want to see that money back in my account before I accept the table.
So--that was my day yesterday--hehe! May or may not have an art table on Monday. Time will tell, eh? My cabbage soup turned out really good and yummy, tho. :)

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