Thursday, February 21, 2008


The cold weather didn't stop them! Leah came over and we worked away.
She painted on the three boxes all day. Wanted more red on them. She never got to the sealer.

I did work with the sealer on mine. Trouble is--takes a long time for it to dry before you can do other sides. So, I didn't get finished, either. I will work on it some more today.

Dagan came over after work, we ate, and then we did a short Sacred Circle. Did the angel cards. I found out Dagan is going to be gone for a week to Nashville! A conference for work and he gets to help with people's computers, of course. :)

I have been on days still. Up at 6am! Been watching more of The Wire this morning. Then I am going to start glazing the box again. It's a sunny, crisp day. Beautiful to behold! :)

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