Thursday, February 14, 2008


Leah came over yesterday--bearing a gift of cat grass for Miss Karma!!!
The ungrateful Karma spent the day under the bed avoiding Leah, of course.
Karma did find the cat grass during the night and nibbled away at it a little. I had just turned the planter before I took the picture, so you can't really see where she was munching.
I am sure Karma thinks she is getting away with something! hehe!
While Leah was here the repairman for HOM Furniture cam. (I guess I was spelling it wrong all this time.)
Okay--the chair is only attached at the center top of the round base, as you can see...
...and he showed up with an entire new base. Back story: all we needed were the odd shaped washers that fit inside of the base at the contact point. One of the washers had broken and that made the chair list to one side--so we just wanted to buy up some washers (so we'd have spares).
Leah had removed the washers (and ball bearings, too)--and that is why we have not been sitting in the chair--so we wouldn't damage it any further while we were waiting for the washers.
So, the repairman shows up with an entire base for the chair--and it isn't even the same base and doesn't fit. Then we find out that they had charged $70.00 to Dagan and Leah's charge card for that base without informing them! Since it didn't fit--they are reimbursing Dagan and Leah for the chair base.
The repairman said they don't carry this chair anymore because of the breakage problems. The company even told them that if the chairs broke to throw them away because they can't be fixed outside of the factory! They are pressured together somehow? (No wonder Leah had such a hard time getting the base off--hehe!) And yet they sold this one in clearance--already listing to one side--broken--knowing it couldn't be repaired? And why would the chair company even have sent a base if they knew that--even if it had been the correct base and had fit--it cannot be attached by normal means?
So--another strange "retail" story.
We are now going to just sit in the chair. You can sit in it--it just doesn't float or rock like it should--has a lurch in it because it is metal on metal. Leah is going to search for some regular shaped washers that might fit inside there--(she took measurements)--and we might be able to fix it ourselves with some ball bearings and grease--hehe! Whatever. We will just use it. No fear or worry about ruining it now. I can't get store credit or anything because it was on sale.
For now, I covered it with an old blanket so that when people come over I can take the blanket off and the chair will be clean--and not coated with cat hair--hehe! Karma does believe this is her chair, after all. :)
Okay--the art table. There is no listed email adress on their website, so I couldn't send them pictures. They only had fill-in-the-blank ways to email them. No address visible. So, I called. Got a third lady and she immediately said she'd call UPS and have them come and pick up the table. Said that they'd send me out another one AND that they'd open it up first to examine the table before they sent it.
Leah confirmed that this first box that I had recieved had already been opened and taped up on one end. ?? Had it been inspected? Or had it been returned? Who knows? Anyways, UPS is supposed to come and pick up the damaged table within 3-4 days.
And--have I seen any refund from ASW pending on my bank account--it IS Thursday already? No.
I finally made the Flemish Carrot soup while Leah was here! Yummy! Was puttering with that off and on all afternoon. We were painting our wooden boxes. Thank goodness Leah finally had a more normal day on the phone/computer and was actually able to paint this time! :)
I don't know if you can see it well, but she likes the shade of reddish black that she got on the little box and is probably going to put another coat of paint on the other two.
I didn't get very far. Top and two ends painted with the first coat of brown.

I can work on it little by little though--whenever I want to. Leah was here painting until 10pm. So nice for her to actually be able to get something done! She has come over how many times and never been able to do anything at all because she got so busy with work calls. Things must finally be getting down to a normal again.

Leah works for a prescription drug insurance company for seniors. She helps the call center--in India. People can only switch companies from mid-November until end of December, so that's her busiest time. (She was on call seven days a week during that time period and only had Christmas Day off!) But she has still been crazy busy since New Year's!? She's the answer lady for all their questions, can do all the regular answering of calls (what she used to do over here in Fargo before they sold the call company), does answer all the calls when the Internet goes down in India (which it seems to do regularly), and trains the new empoyees in India over the phone. Now she's back to M-F 7am-10pm.

Plus the girl works a second job! Amazing! Oh--to have all that energy again!

Well, Caroline will be here pretty soon. Later....

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