Saturday, February 09, 2008


I pinned up Barbara's picture!

Not a day that I got anything done yesterday. Watched the four episodes of "Wives and Daughters"--British period mini-series. Was quite good!
Thought I'd show you my recipe box. I had all the recipes in two boxes for many years. Finally put them all in the one wooden box several years back. So long ago, I can't remember exactly when I did that.
All organized, of course--hehe!

Every recipe has been tried and declared a keeper before it is added to the collection. Should be interesting to go back and try some of them again after all these years. :)

I am glad I am inside and warm and don't have to go any place. We had a blizzard watch last night and today. Right now the snow has stopped, but the wind is still blowing it about, of course. Wind chill warnings for the next couple of days of down to -45 degrees below zero! Brrr! People are trotting to their cars, so I know it is cold. But I still see the younger people without gloves or hats. I never wore them, either, when I was young--hehe! I guess we grow up pretty tough up here, eh?

Karma is trying to sleep on the ottoman, but the small snow plow is making a lot of noise out in the parking lot and her ears keep twitching--chuckle! Nice and warm in here. Have a nice Saturday! :)

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