Sunday, February 17, 2008


I've been taking pictures of foods I have made, so--here's a strange fact about me--hehe! I had plain white dishes for many, many years and wanted to buy something with a color and print again. I couldn't make up my mind--and I do love having variety--so I started buying different place settings from Pfaltzgraff. I have four so far. Am hoping to have at least six eventually.
And I like the fact you can buy single replacement pieces--(I broke the bowl below and need to buy another one)--and additional dinnerware pieces (platters, bakeware, etc). I buy them as I can afford them, here and there. I've been getting place settings as below: dinner plate, luncheon plate, cereal bowl, and cup or mug. I also have purchased the dessert bowls. They are quite small and you can only fit so much ice cream in them so it keeps me in line--hehe!

I have the red dishes in this set below.

So, depending on what mood I am in at the moment (and what isn't in the dishwasher), I can choose a different pattern!
I know--I am weird. But I don't care. Works for me. I love it! Look forward to buying additional pieces. :) What a hoot!
The bread turned out really well this last time--TaDa! Was lighter with a better texture. It is difficult to get used to judging by guess and sight vs. by actual touch and feel. Like learning a new way to bake all over again. Well--almost. I'll get better at it. :)

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FRANKYE said...

Rita, what a fantastic idea to purchase individual place settings. Instead of weird, I see it as wonderfully smart, unique, and delightfully creative! If I was able to, I would do exactly the same thing!

So good to hear you are baking and enjoying yourself at home. That's the best place with the weather outside!