Tuesday, February 26, 2008


New pictures of the house...

They have cut a hole for the front door now--so I guess I was wrong about that.

This is the front room to the left of the front door when you first come in.

When you go up the stairs, this is where the livingroom will be.

This is where the kitchen will be.

I believe this is just to the right of the kitchen, but not sure--and is where the dining room will be. Going to be french doors out to the patio (which Dagan and Leah will be building later on). On the right hand side is the door to the master bath.

This area is going to be the master bath, water closet, master walk-in closet, and laundry room. They don't have all those rooms divided yet.

And this is going to be the master bedroom.

I'm not exactly sure of the floor plan and what goes where--but I do know that, except for the first picture, the rest are all pictures of the top floor. The basement is all roughed in for the plumbing, but they haven't poured the concrete floor yet. There will be a family room, bathroom, and two bedrooms downstairs. Plus a low storage area under the front room.
I see they don't have the roof completed yet. Soon, I would think? It has been beautiful out for days--in the 20s! They should be able to zip along, eh?
Well, I have Caroline coming this morning to clean--and then Leah and her sister, Ariel, are coming to craft this afternoon. Dagan flew to Nashville yesterday. I hope he is having a nice time. I am using the laptop and hope Leah can fix the desk computer this afternoon.
And I plan to have bread put together and rising before Caroline gets here.
I got sidetracked yesterday cleaning and sorting my Netflix stuff. I have had a spiral notebook that I write down movie titles in--when I see them on previews or on commercials on TV. Been using it for at least two years--what a scribbly mess. Since I had the laptop out--I sat and looked up every movie on my list. Some I had listed twice. Some I could order now and some were still not available yet and a made a new list. I removed all the "instant watch" movies from my online list and made a list of those, too. Looked up how many DVDs there were for the various series I want to see and wrote those down--so I can check them off as I see each DVD and remember where I was. Ended up puttering with that all morning and afternoon.
I know--I know--very, very OCD of me, isn't it?
And by the time I got done with that--too late to make bread and was too sore to do anything else anyways. So--bread this morning. And then I can work on the stamping while Leah and Ariel work on sealing Leah's set of boxes. :) Later...

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