Wednesday, February 06, 2008


What a wonderful surprise yesterday in the mail! A painting from Barbara of the Chinese Brush Painting group who lives in California. :) Bamboo in the wind--one of my favorites!

The chop/seal down in the bottom left corner is the largest one I have ever seen. Not that I have seen a lot of them, but it is huge! So cool! Barbara painted this as a demo while she gave a talk. (She gives talks about China and teaches English to Chinese.) Such a talented lady. :) What a special gift. Thanks so very much Barbara. Especially nice since I have been sick for weeks--was just plain uplifting!
I think it is so amazing that you can fold up rice paper paintings and send them off in the mail. You can mount the rice paper paintings on a thicker, stiffer paper. That is something else I want to learn how to do in the future.

I forgot to mention that yesterday Karma was three years old--hehe! Not that she has a clue or anything was done in her honor--other than a fresh can of cat food--ha! She is lounging in the sunshine on the carpet over by the porch door.

Minus 3 degrees right now. I think it is supposed to be getting above zero again soon. We had about an inch or two of snow--just enough for them to have to plow the parking lot yesterday.

Leah is coming over today for crafts. Finally we will actually be able to have our craft day! We have had things come up lately and it just hasn't happened--for weeks. Tired or not--I am happy she's coming over. Maybe I can at least punch holes in my bookcard parts...?

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