Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Well, I can't post the pictures of all the precious craft bounty that Leah dropped off yesterday. :( I have used up my free space and had to pay for more space on google. Only $5.00 a year for the lowest bump up, but it could take 24 hours or so for them to process my payment so that I can post more pictures. So--maybe tomorrow?

Been a very long time since I have posted without at least one picture. I usually can find a picture of my "roommate" Karma if nothing else, right? ROFL!

Seems funny to be telling you about our new treasures when I can't show them to you. Leah was running around all day yesterday. Brought one of their cars in for an oil change and later brought in PitaPaseo, too. And I had no idea that the car place would bring you somewhere--drop you off and pick you up--while they worked on the car! Which was really good since Leah's car was in there all day.

Leah had them drop her off once at Office Max and we did one of our phone shopping trips. :) We were looking for a good way to store all the Spellbinders dies using magnetic sheets (the idea I saw online). And just wait till you see what she found!! It is soooo perfect for us! I love it!!

Leah was all over the place--Post Office, got her hair cut, picked up the four big sets of Spellbinders Nestabilities at K&Krafts, and she even surprised me with some things I had talked about picking up--like dryer balls so I don't have to use dryer sheets anymore! :) And she got a couple of the lamps that she uses in the photo box (for Etsy) with the daylight bulbs so that they don't get so hot. It does get really warm working under the silver halogen lamps we have--uncomfortably so when you spend a lot of time doing detail work and need the light close. I didn't take pictures of those yet--not till we get them set up at the craft table.

Today Caroline comes to clean. Wednesday and Thursday Leah is planning to come to work on Christmas cards. Yesterday wasn't a good day for me to work on the cards, but hopefully today will be. :) Karma and I just hung out, Leah and I phone shopped, and I tried out our new storage system with what we already had (and took pictures--hehe!). I left the new big sets for Leah when she comes on Wednesday. I know how she gets just as much of a kick out of these things as I do--so I'm keeping my itchy fingers off of them--hehe! I'm letting her do the honors of the opening and placing into the new storage system--tada! So exciting!

Anyways, I'll post pictures when google allows me to. On this gray day I am going to get ready for Caroline and hopefully do some more "Seasons Greetings" embossing. Later...:):)


Leah said...

About the table lamps...I would have gotten the table stand lamps, but they were all out, they were in the back on the bottom shelf and there weren't many left. I didn't really even want to spend the money right now, but I already knew how nice those were, so I picked them up, please let me know if they clip onto the table alright?

Thanks, Leah

Serena Lewis said...

I'll look forward to seeing pics soon....isn't it funny how we come to rely on pics to help us with our posts. It sounds like you've had some pretty full days.

Btw, I ended up ordering the first couple of seasons of Northern Exposure....can hardly wait to see them! :)

Intense Guy said...

Looks like Leah really lights up your life.

Gosh.. who was that... Debbie Boone?


Leah said...


Ha, ha, ha...*Slaps knee with sarcasm*

Amusing though... ;)

Also, I'll make sure that Rita takes pics tonight while Dagan and I are over there, even though I'd rather not have pics of me posted... ;)


Rita said...

Iggy--you crack us both up, obviously--hehe! But--besides the lamps--Leah really DOES light up my life. Now I have that song in my head. :)

Leah--I haven't even opened the lamps. We'll have to check them tonight and see if they work. I'm on R&R during the day today. Ha! Yes--I do forget to take pictures. And I haven't had a picture of Dagan up since he had his surgery. Yes--remind me! :)

Serena--it even feels weird to be posting without pictures! You always have pictures, too. Just adds so much. My blog has been pretty boring without them--ROFL!

I ordered Northern Exposure, too--just got the first DVD yesterday! Haven't watched it yet. Be interesting to see what I think of it now all these years later. We'll have to compare. :):)

AliceKay said...

*eyes iggy* Now I have that song in my head, too.

Rita said...

Me, too! For days! :):)