Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Eight below zero last night and two degrees right now!
That time of year again for Miss Karma.
I had to give her a little computer time last night, too...
...since I was on the computer all night long and boring her into a stupor.
Well, let's face it--getting to Stuporville is never a very long trip for Miss Karma--ROFL!
I was comparison shopping online for craft goodies. Looking for the best deals on brads and embellishments for Leah's and my next project--the "scrap" cards! Once again--it was JoAnn's who won on sale prices, variety, and free shipping and who squeezed out the most for my money.
I am really becoming a fan on JoAnn's online store. Several of the items I ordered could only be purchased online. You know, I have gone to their local store to look for particular products I found on their online store but they don't carry them here in Fargo. Same goes for Michael's and Hobby Lobby (Crafts Etc is HL's online store). Online shopping is really taking over, isn't it?
That makes me sad. Even tho I do a lot of online shopping (started because I had no car anymore), I really do like to patronize local shops. Especially the privately owned shops--like our K & Krafts in Moorhead. But when you have a limited amount of money...well, sometimes the local shops just can't compete with the prices, you know?
Still...makes me feel guilty. I just love Kay and she has the best craft store in the FM area--with wonderful clerks, loyal customers, all the newest products, some items you can't find in the chain stores, demos, classes, and even scrapping nights & weekend trips, etc.
I am not a scrapper. Still a loyal card maker. Scrapping has become the really big thing...and I moved away to Fargo across the river...and had no car...so I kind of fell away.
I used to live nearby and could walk there. I went to card classes at night and would just walk over and wander around to see what was new--and buy a little here and there over the year. Leah and I do get over there as often as we can, but I miss being a regular. Hard to explain. Shopping online is a wonderful new thing, but...
I miss walking the mall hallways, the greeting from someone who knows you, the people milling about, the laughter, the bright lights, the chit-chat, the touching of the actual products, phones & registers ringing, being able to ask a real human questions, seeing smiles & twinkling eyes, saving up punches for your bonus cash, and saying goodbye when you leave.
I should take a little Christmas money or birthday money in March and go wander around Kay's store...find a few little treasures...or special paper like the embossed bugs and butterflies. :)
That would feel good--and maybe alleviate some of my guilt about online shopping? All the small businesses are hurting. Sometimes--I confess--I wish Kay had an online craft store, too. Sure does seem the way things seem to be going, doesn't it? Pretty soon to stay in business you'll almost need both--or even just the online store.
Not that I won't be thrilled when my goodies come in the mail and be doing the happy dance--but I do want to remember to also patronize my local small businesses. They need us, too.
Which reminds me--I wonder if Leah wants to make a trip to Tochi's in January or February? :):)


Intense Guy said...

Hey! I recognize those singing raindeer!


I know what you mean about stores needing an on-line presence. I think I found the last company in the world that didn't have a website in one of my customers. I was just looking for their address and nope.. no website to be found... Too bad I can't compete with the high schoolers that do websites. :)

Serena Lewis said...

Michelle and I complain constantly that Brisbane just doesn't stock the craft supplies that seems freely available to crafters in the States. Crafts used to be so popular here but, over the past 15 years or so, popularity seems to have really waned which is sad. It can be so frustrating trying to find stuff or even order online from Australian companies as they just don't have the variety anymore. Scrapbooking did swing through here a few years back but it seems to have waned too. Scrapbooking stores popped up here and there at the time but they have all closed now.

I hope painting never loses its appeal here but, even then, I have trouble finding certain watercolour papers. Sketchbooks with good weight paper are non-existent which is why I'm going to make my own sketchbooks. Then, the catch is finding book-binding supplies here. The variety is very limited. :(

AliceKay said...

We don't have a website, Iggy. It's hard to sell 14 ton of dairy feed over the internet. LOL

Patronizing the mom and pop stores is getting harder and harder. You do what you can, but if they can't survive, they'll close like a lot of small businesses have done lately...unless they have a special niche that keeps them going. Sad in a way.

I'm not very crafty with my hands, but I love seeing your work. You have a lot of talent. :)

AliceKay said...

Oh...forgot to mention how cute Karma looks watching the reindeer on the computer. LOL

Rita said...

Iggy--Yup! Reindeer time--hehe!

It does seem like businesses need websites these days. Making a nice-looking, easily navigated, and understandable website is a very marketable talent to have these days. I am absolutely clueless. Actually tried a couple of times--was beyond me! I guess I'll stick with blogging--hehe! :)

Rita said...

Serena--that has to be so frustrating! When you can't even order online without it costing a fortune for shipping because you don't have the stores in-country--really sucks.

Scrapbooking has hung on--in the upper Midwest, anyways. Just was never my cup of tea, I guess. It shifted what is available in the stores, tho. Not as geared toward stamps--and more toward expensive one-time use embellishments. It will probably swing back--eventually. I hope. :)

Painting supplies have always been available online in the US, but there is really only one actual art store in Fargo--and they are expensive. So I have always ordered online for my painting supplies. Far more stores to pick from in Minneapolis, but not way up here--hehe! I can't imagine painting supplies would ever fade away.

For the Chinese brush painting--I HAVE to order online because there's nothing available. And the supplies at the usual western art stores is not very good quality at all. I have to order from California--genuine Chinese/oriental companies.

I do love being able to order from places so far away and have more choices--but I do feel guilty about the local small businesses, too, you know? But I, myself, certainly can't keep them in business with my smattering of small purchases--hehe! :)

Rita said...

AliceKay--Thanks! I know what you mean about the local mom and pop shops. It is the special niche stores that stay alive. Even K&Krafts is still there because she knows her competiton and has things the chain stores don't carry. But it is hard to compete against the large chains! Too much Walmartising in the world today. But when they can give you the same items cheaper...and people are looking to save money...what can you do? :(