Wednesday, December 02, 2009


No pictures yet this morning. :(
I'll warn you--when I can post there are going to be a LOT of pictures--hehe!
Very sore this morning. Yesterday I finished embossing all the sentiments--took a long break--and then started trimming last night while I watched TV. I trimmed all the sentiment strips and then cut down all the white fronts we made with the Fiskars snowflake texture plate. Which means--(drum roll)--we are totally ready to go tonight! All the parts are done and ready for construction!!! (Happy dance!)
And tonight Dagan is also coming over to visit for a while after work. Awesome!!
Hopefully I will have pictures tomorrow! I feel so raw this morning that maybe it is a good thing I can just do a very short post? Everything happens for a reason, right? chuckle!
"See" you tomorrow?? :):)


AliceKay said...

Looking forward to the pictures from all of your hard work.

Intense Guy said...

I better set aside about 2 hours for picture viewing. I hope Karma is in some of them!


Rita said...

AliceKay and Iggy--
Finally got them up on Friday. No Karma, yet, Iggy. Too many other pictures--hehe! Took me longer to post them all than it will to skim over them.