Monday, December 28, 2009


Hello in the middle of the night. ;)
Just got up at 11pm. I took these pictures Sunday morning. Looks almost exactly the same right now-- except that they have done the sidewalks again and this time they have stayed clear.
A couple of people had dug out their garages.
But I can't believe the building hasn't plowed those out for them. ?? They usually try to plow up close to the garages. Not sure why they haven't this time. No where to put it all yet? Makes no sense. People have to go to work on Monday morning. Maybe they'll be out plowing again tonight?
This is why I am so amazed that these cheap mesh screens have held up winter after winter--hehe!

The snow piles up against the screen, but it hasn't torn or pooched it out permanently--well, not that it is obvious in the summer,anyways. :)
Quite a few people haven't bothered to dig their vehicles out still! They look just like this right now in the middle of the night. Nobody was up to much on Sunday I guess--hehe!

You could see this morning in places where they had cleared off the sidewalks...
...but most of it had drifted over again.
Makes me glad I can park my car in the garage!! :)
Well, the Christmas blizzard of '09 has finally tapered off today. The last of the sections of the freeways were open again today. Dagan and Leah made it back home safe and sound. Tomorrow will be mostly business as usual again, I imagine. I've been reading. Karma has been happily eating her footprints several times a day. And now I am headed back to painting angels. :)
Peace! :):)


Intense Guy said...

It just looks toooooo cold!

I bet even Sweden is warmer. It was warm when I was there - of course it was the middle of July then...

Intense Guy said...

p.s., I'm looking at those books behind Karma and I see Karma's been reading "Match Wits with Mensa"...

I guess if she plays dumb enough she can match 'em.

AliceKay said...

I'm glad to hear Dagan and Leah made it back home safely. The roads must have been a mess in places.

Sure have a lot of snow out there. Have you ever pushed the snow away from that screen...pushed it thru your railing and back down to the ground below? I was wondering what happens when it keeps piling up.

Rita said...

Iggy--So you have been to the motherland--ROFL! I've always wondered what it is like over there where my grandpa and some great grandparents came from? It's probably this cold in northern Sweden, I bet--hehe!

Ha! Mensa cats...hummm? My first boyfriend was in Mensa years ago, but he dropped out or isn't an active member because he found them boring--ROFL! He always told me I should try to get in. (He thought I was smart, I guess.) That's what prompted me to buy the book. Let's just say I'm glad I didn't embarrass myself. ;)

Rita said...

AliceKay--Leah said the roads were pretty bad and they had to take it slow. They were relieved to be back home, that's for sure.

I used to go out and push the snow over, but I quit bothering. Hasn't seemed to make a difference the past three years--and it always builds up like that, too. The screen is holding up amazingly well. Karma does do some patting of her own and knocking the snow down onto the floor, too--hehe!

Leah said...

I wonder if you could just scoop up some snow in a dish for Karma, so that you wouldn't have to let her in and out constantly. If she would be just as happy eating the snow out of a dish?

Then again, maybe you already tried this and I missed it... ;) Just a thought.

Thank you kindly,

Rita said...

Hi Leah!
I've actually done that. Can't remember if I took pictures for the blog or not. ;) She will eat a little of it, but it doesn't have anywhere near the tasty appeal of her footprints--hehe!

Leah said...

Figures... :( Karma would be picky like that... ;)