Thursday, December 17, 2009


Happy Thursday!
Well, let's see. The apartment complex folks came for their inspection in the morning. The guys from New Life came in the afternoon and had all six bags and the two wardrobes out of here in like 2 minutes--hehe! It just feels so good knowing that they give away a lot of the donations! And nice to have a little space back in here again. My place is crowded enough to begin with--hehe!
Then--the latest JoAnn's sale order came--tada!
Those big white stickers on everything peeled off like a snap while they were still cold. I left them alone till Leah got here. :)
Leah dove right into the pile when she got here after work. So exciting! Everything got put away in an appropriate spot. ;)
Dagan came over after work, too, for a while. We had dinner. Always so nice to see my favorite son--hehe!
Leah and I went thru our colored paper--picked out what we were going to use for making some more birthday cards for Iggy. :)
And as long as we were going to be playing with caulk...decided to make up a bunch of extras, too. We could post them on Etsy. We love these cards so we aren't worried if they don't sell because we'll use them ourselves--hehe! :)
Leah sat and cut out the papers for the fronts and the insides so we are ready to caulk.
After she left I drug out the caulking tubes. We might need some more white--we'll see.
We squeeze the caulking out into a small jar and actually use our fingers to spread it on the stencils. I'll take pictures. Wonder if I could actually make a video of this messy process? Hummm? Maybe have to try that, too. :)
But today--first--I am planning on emptying the 30 gallon tank. Leah didn't think I should bother to scrub it down if I am giving it away on freecycle. She found someone wanting a larger tank who sounded kind of in a hurry about it. True. The more I thought about it--they could clean it up, right? I certainly would have been happy to do that for a free tank in years past. That's the reason I am getting rid of it. Too hard on my back--all that bending and scrubbing, etc. So, if this person doesn't want it (I sent them an email last night, but haven't heard anything yet)--I can just list it "as is" and tell them that it is not cleaned that well. True. Right? So today I am going to just clean the gravel out a bit and empty it (with the Python). Not going to scrub it down after all.
I know it doesn't sound like a big deal--but this is really difficult for on old Swede. Good grief, I pick up before the cleaning girl comes, ya know--hehe! ;)
Been a heat wave! I think it got to 10 degrees yesterday and supposed to get to 20 today!
Well, time to get the Python out! :):)


Intense Guy said...

Oh cool - I knew you were saying caulk but my mind wasn't saying DAP caulk like they use on windows... Who'd of thunk of doing it that way? That's really neat!

Karma looks really happy today - maybe it's 'cause of all the extra room (that you are going to fill in with stuff from places like Joann's!)

And I would think "Hey! Free Tank! take it how it comes and be happy!"

AliceKay said...

The caulk idea is a pretty cool idea

Yep, I agree with Iggy. Free tank? Take it as is and be happy to have it. I know I would be if I were in that position.

I have a birthday card sitting above my desk made by someone you might know. :)

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
Ya! You never know what we crafters might find to use--hehe! It's messy, but we couldn't believe the results. Yup--you'd never know it was pliable caulking--hehe!

Karma is going to miss the clothing racks and the Python. (More pictures when I post later.)

I'm such a Swede! Feel badly about giving away a dirty tank. But Leah's right. I haven't been in the best shape recently. It's foolish to make it worse for a give-away tank, I guess. You know I'll apologize. :)

Rita said...

Hi AliceKay!
I've also colored the fronts of glossy paper using shaving cream and ink! Crafters come up with the craziest ideas. But some of them I love. The caulking one we fell in love with. :)

Yes--I haven't been sleeping well for quite a while, either. Keep waking up and too sore to go back to sleep. Silly to make myself worse, I know. Old habits die hard. :)

Rita said...

Alice--P.S. Which one is it? hehe!

AliceKay said...

*whispers to Rita* (the front of the card has a pretty gift box with gold stripes and wrapped with red ribbon and bow)

Rita said...

Oh, those were fun to make, Alice! I loved hand-painting in the shimmery colors! I know who you got it from--hehe! Hope you liked it? :)