Thursday, December 10, 2009


Cat torture--hehe!
The new weekly planner from Barnes & Noble arrived yesterday! I was able to get the complete calendar plus two sets of pliable sealing wax for less than it used to cost me for just the Levenger refill--tada!
The weekly planner pages layout looks almost identical. The book was sooo cold when I took these photos that I didn't dare try to open it flat. My fingers made wet marks on the cover! I warmed it up and wiped my new desk companion dry. Doubt the ribbon will last long with Miss Karma around, tho! I'll probably cut it down shorter and use it to mark the budget pages in the back. Maybe that will conceal it from sharp little teeth.
There are a lot of these lined pages for "notes" in the back that I can make into my own monthly budget pages--tada! So this new planner should work quite well, I think. :)
My only concern is that I'm not sure how flat it will lie. We'll see. We are going to be buddies for the next year, so I know we will work it out--ROFL!
The more one forgets--the more one loves one's calendar.
So--you know what I'll be doing for the next few days. Working on Christmas cards and preparing/transforming my new planner--hehe!
Sun is out and it is 1 degree! At least it is above zero, eh? Heat wave! Times like this are the silver lining to being house bound--ROFL! :):)
Oh--and PS--I made a quick video for youtube yesterday that shows the finished Christmas cards and the new Spellbinders die storage.


Serena Lewis said...

YAY!!! Your planner looks great!

Intense Guy said...


Yikes 1 degree is waaaaaaaaaay too cold!

I'm glad you found a suitable replacement - Perhaps Karma can lay on it and hold it flat until it sets that way*

*I'm just picking on Karma.

Rita said...

I am happier with it than I expected--chuckle! I am sure I can fix it up to be useful for me and I do love the dark red cover, too. :):)

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
We were ten below this morning, I guess. Been really a deep freeze up here for days and days.

You cracked me up--Karma probably could flatten it out for me--ROFL!! I won't tell her you were picking on her. :):)